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There will be office parties, relatives who undergo their annual holiday meltdowns, millions of visits to thousands of Santas, talk radio's now annual claims that liberals are taking "Christ" out of Christmas, and... incessant talk about the so-called "fiscal cliff."

The belief that we can grow our way out of our economic woes through buying more stuff is DOA if you consider the effects on a groaning planet. It's time for some fresh ideas.

Judith Samuelson

Executive Director, Aspen Institute's Business and Society Program

The Thanksgiving dishes were in the dishwasher. It was 11 p.m. and Black Friday was just an hour away. I was standing in front of the Best Buy in Wilton, New York. I had come to witness the sport of shopping.

Whether you want to shop online or actually hit the stores, here Ace Hardware Coupons are the very best sites, services, and no-brainer tech tools to login, load-up, and start saving now.

As the celebration of American consumerism once again draws near, there's a question we need to ask of ourselves: Which religious Friday are we going to celebrate this season?

Is Black Friday really all about bargains? While it's possible to save some green on Black Friday, researchers say the retailing riot that defines the day after Thanksgiving may be less about dollars than about basic psychology.

Love it or hate it, Black Friday is here. It isn't going to shrink; it's only going to get bigger. Any question about how to manage that natural and inherent expansion has to focus on making the experience better for everybody.

The sense of retail urgency appears to have subsided as a result of the current state of the economy and better educated shoppers. But if you are much braver than I am, use these tips to use for Black Friday Weekend.

Ebong Eka

CPA, Author, personal finance expert and small business champion

Cyber Monday represents a fantastic trend that benefits both consumers and small consumer product businesses. Needless to say, consumers love the idea of getting their shopping done in less time, with less hassle, and while sitting at home in their pajamas.

I am thankful for my seven years of employment at Walmart in Miami because so many other friends can't find work. But I am more thankful for all of my fellow co-workers who have made the hard decision to stand up for our rights.

The widening inequality reflected in the gap between the pay of Walmart workers and the returns to Walmart investors, including the Walton family, haunts the American economy.

Robert Reich

Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy, University of California at Berkeley; author, 'Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few''

Rather than delivering us to the peace and fulfillment of a love that will never end, the ace hardware black friday Black Friday ritual hollows us out, leaving us only with a hunger that can never, ever be satisfied.

I'll be spending Small Business Saturday shopping in my own neighborhood of Red Hook, where small businesses like Baked (a cookie shop) and Erie Basin (a vintage jewelry boutique) were nearly devastated by Sandy.

Banks are putting more credit cards into customers' hands, and the percentage of late payments has been inching upward -- two more signs that our post-crash caution is beginning to slightly wane. Is that a good thing? That depends: cliff or no cliff?

Adam Levin

Author of Swiped. Former Director New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs; Co-founder of Credit.com and IDT911

Wanted: Store Associates who will work for low pay, poor working conditions, erratic schedules -- including working on Thanksgiving Day -- and not enough hours to qualify for health care.

Joe Hansen

International President, United Food and Commercial Workers Union

If you are still concerned about having enough money to complete your shopping list this year consider trimming back on your list or spending less on each person. Another option: look into making gifts or offering to do something for someone instead.

Ken Lin

Founder and CEO, CreditKarma.com

Posted Jul 26, 2016 at 8:35am



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