• Liz Sparks said:
    I guess you're here to find new music,BM has a new album released recently recorded in his bedroom, and mastered in San Francisco. music made ​​with the heart. www.purevolume.com/BJMO Sep 29
  • AndN said:
    “AMAZING journey” http://www.purevolume.com/UFANCY/videos/4474008/SPACE+UF+-+001+ Jun 17
  • curiousolo said:
    hey hows it goin? :) buy prednisone how to order testosterone online buy soma on line Apr 16
  • tenguki93 said:
    add me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mar 30
  • Megan said:
    kelley i love you Feb 06
  • Megan said:
    Well Im back home again! so we will definately hang out because im off for a whole month! i love you back and you'll always be my twin too =) i will call you very soon. Ive been so busy with finals and school. I have sooooo much to talk to you about! I miss you too and we will hang out very soon my dear! Love always, Megan Ann Dec 18
  • Megan said:
    happy thanksgiving kelley my love! i miss you Nov 26
  • Megan said:
    I MISS YOU!!! I'm coming home next week! So many tests = no time to call! I'm sorry! I miss you and I hope you'll have time to hang out with me over break at least for a few hours =) love you kelley anne ♥ Nov 18
  • Megan said:
    i love you more...sarah's coming here on the 14th =) Nov 03
  • Megan said:
    tomorrow tomorrow my birthday's tomorrow. it's only a day away =) i miss you and i wish u were here for my birthday. it's gonna be spectacular though! im gonna be old next year because i'll be 20! yikes!!! well i love you and think u should call me very soon (hint hint) love you! Oct 30
  • Megan said:
    kelley my dear...call me anyday after tuesday! please i need to hear ur voice! Oct 18
  • Megan said:
    i am free after 9 tonight or anytime before 6, tomorrow is a no because i am way busy (tuesdays are the worst), wed anytime after 3 until 7 or after 9:30, thursday after 2, friday any time after 12, saturday all day, and sunday anytime after 1 =] call me my love! i miss you! i love you so much! Sep 28
  • Megan said:
    call me!!! i miss ur face and ur voice of course =]]] Sep 26
  • Megan said:
    hey there hunny babe. i put up photos for you to take a peek at =]]] Sep 11
  • Megan said:
    i do miss you a lot mi amor =]]] love you dearest friend Sep 01
  • Megan said:
    hmmm i love you =] Aug 07
  • ANNIE said:
    yo girl. you doing good?good. later gator schmater nator dater. what? i dont know. i dont even know. love Jul 31
  • Mallory said:
    ummm you cant leave me hanging like that!!!!!!!!!!! we will most definitely be going hiking soon! no worries there! i get paid a week from tomorrow...so we'll start planning after that =] and hopefully ill see you at my partyyy! Jul 29
  • Mallory said:
    hey pooper. did you get the invitationnn? i sure do hope so, and i hope you two can come! oh, and i wanted you to know that i haven't blown you off about going hiking, i'm waiting until i get my first paycheck, which is the thursday before my graduation party. so we wouldn't go until like the next week. but let me know if you're coming or whatevsss. I miss youuuuu! Jul 26
  • Mallory said:
    hey you. we will most definitely start talking plans ... as soon as i get a paycheck that can pay for gas. hahaha. it shouldn't be longer than a few weeks...but im not sure. plus, andy will prolly pitch in too. :) Ill keep you posted. oh, and are you guys coming to my partyy? Jul 16

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