• Kristen Olivia said:
    Hey there, what's up? Mar 15
  • Drama Queen said:
    Hi check out our new songs on purevolume.com/dramaqueen or myspace.com/dramaqueenband thanx :) Aug 26
  • Sean Conroy said:
    Hey, I think it would be awesome if you checked out my band Altriad ... www.purevolume.com/altriad ... I'm the drummer. If you like it become a fan, and tell us what you think! Aug 16
  • jimmy said:
    Hey! I noticed you like alot of the same music! If you get the chance it would be awesome if you could check out my band :) your support would mean the world! purevolume.com/asummerscene Jul 10
  • Kini™ ♥'s (insert name here). said:
    Reconnecting! LOL. Waddup with you?:) Apr 06
  • Sasha Grey said:
    Have you heard this yet? Anand Clique! Tribal Heavy! http://www.purevolume.com/anandclique Jan 28
  • said:
    hey yo :)) Jan 22
  • Bradi said:
    hello? hahah. Dec 02
  • _C_o_d_Y_ said:
    ya its goth and i know im not goth trust me but there are some cool people on there. and theyre not all goth. and i think u should cuz then u could add me :) just let me kno if u do Nov 15
  • kai said:
    N# (8bit/nintendocore) Nov 09
  • emmalinee ™ said:
    hi (: Nov 07
  • errornotvalid said:
    Happy Halloween :] What state did you end up going to? I just went to a party yesterday and went to some haunted houses today and went trick or treating with my friends. Pretty sweet ^_^ Nov 01
  • errornotvalid said:
    Oh my gosh Indiana! haha are you going to a different state this time? OMG I feel so stupid, I actually had to look at a map to see where Indiana is, lol. btw did you notice you commented your own profile :] hehe. Oct 27
  • Bradi said:
    hahah. hello there. (: Oct 26
  • _C_o_d_Y_ said:
    we drove to indiana lol. it was fun. and thats dumb lol. do it when ur 18. and im going out of state again on halloween with freinds again :) Oct 26
  • errornotvalid said:
    OMG that's crazy! XD What state did you guys go to? Man my parents barely let me go out of the city with my friends without freaking out. And I'm almost 18! So what are you doing for halloween? =] Oct 25
  • errornotvalid said:
    just stressing out over the ACT I'm taking tomorrow >_< Doing anything fun this weekend? :] Oct 23
  • x] said:
    Hey (: Oct 22
  • errornotvalid said:
    yo! =] How are you? Oct 18
  • keroSCENE said:
    hey !! hu's der ?? luv yer pics :) Oct 16

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Hardcore Music Lover is what I am. I listen to just about any form or style of rock. I like the heavier stuff better because it just fits my personality better. I'm a very nice guy and am pretty cool once you get to know me. I'll talk to just about anyone so go on ahead and message me or comment me. Either one works! Lets talk music :)

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