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  • General: You May Have Fallen Arches?

    OverviewFlat feet can develop as an adult ("adult acquired flatfoot") due to injury, illness, unusual or prolonged stress to the foot, faulty biomechanics,[5] or as par…

    Jul 05, 2017

  • General: True And Apparent Leg Length Discrepancy Causes

    OverviewLimb deformity or leg length problems can be treated by applying an external frame to the leg. The frame consists of metal rings which go round the limb. The…

    Jul 02, 2017

  • General: Heel Discomfort

    OverviewHeel pain is most often caused by plantar fasciitis, a condition that is sometimes also called heel spur syndrome when a spur is present. Heel pain may also be…

    Jun 30, 2017

  • General: Mortons Neuroma Treatment

    OverviewMorton's Neuroma is a common problem in runners, and there are a number of simple fixes you can try before resorting more drastic solutions like sclerosing or s…

    May 30, 2017

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