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What's your favorite....
Beverage (non-alc) ? redbull
Color ? rrred
Food ? cookies
Item of clothing ? skinnies +beanie+ scarf =awesomeness
Meal of the day ? teatime
Feature on yourself ? meee(:
Quality in a guy/girl ? strength in what they beileve
Phrase ? I LOVE YOUUU♥
Song ? ohh tough. that changes every week.
Musical Artist/Band ? same as above
Sport ? meh, i like a lot of em
Movie ?  again, i like a lot
TV Show ? NCIS! FTW!
Radio Station ? i usually listen to cd's instead
Type of Chocolate ? milk chocolate, wif pocky!!!!
Eye Color ? i dont rly care much
Do you/Have you ever....
Have any pets ? fail...
Have any piercings ? just ears
Have any tatoos ? ooo fun but i dont have any
Cheat on a boyfriend/girlfriend nope
Gone skinny dipping ? u wish
Been to Europe ? yea
Been to an island ? yeahs
Had stitches ? not that i remember
Broken any bones ? once...
Been stabbed/shot ? accidentally...(for the most part)
Slept until after 12:00 ?   whenever i can
Stayed up all night ?   i try not to
Hooked up with 2 people in one weekend ? ???
Turned down a dare ? depends on the dare
Would you ever....
Eat pizza with chocolate chips ?  ew maybe
Kiss someone of the same sex ? umm no.
Run away from home ?   nope
Lie to your parents ? unfortunately (dont let them see this)
Lie to your boyfriend/girlfriend ? hope not
Lie to your best friend ? hope not
Give a homeless person money ? no, give 'em a home. oh wait...
Run from the police ? sshhh! they have spies everywhere!
Bungee jump ? oooh fun
Sky dive ? meh, sure why not?
Cross dress ? uhh i wouldnt prefer it
Be an exotic dancer ? i am a dancer...define "exotic"
Walk out of a restaurant without paying ? heck yeah, let my date pay for it XD
Scuba dive ? oooh fun
Go rock climbing ? oooh scary fun
Go spulunking (caving) ? maybeee
What do you think of when you hear....
Eminem ? food?
Bologna ? hotdog...
Hott ? Trouble...with a capital "T"
Orange ? fruit
Real world ? another world
Jack ? Skellington
Cucumber ? question mark?
Hip-Hop ? rap lol
Uniform ? japan..lol
UniCORN ! ? holloween
Rainbow ? no homo
Clown ? scary-ness


Posted Dec 20, 2009 at 12:27am



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