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Converge Pro

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Job For A Cowboy

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Fear Before Pro

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  • said:
    woohooo me and him call it us is absolutely amazing. i bet you will have one kick ass time!!! and yes my gf and i live like 2hrs away from each other and we only get to see each other once every 2 weeks. we have fun and thats it :]] Jun 17
  • mattydoom said:
    lol i also always use two straws..just incase you know, one breaks down..i dont know prepared yes... oh man..:( that sucks i hope you feel better..i got a chest cold from standing in a downpour last week..haha but it was worth it a bit.. im not up to much..thinking about stuff haha Jun 14
  • mattydoom said:
    haha aw odd how i find that cute im doing well thanks, how about you :] Jun 12
  • said:
    haha nah not really. just went and saw my girlfriend. what about you? Jun 10
  • said:
    You can tell cause like it gets really loose. And then it starts moving towards the edge of your skin. It literally pushes it\'s way out. I would probably cry if my lip rings rejected. And then I would redo them. Jun 06
  • said:
    Yeah it does. Cause you go through all that. And you can tell when it\'s rejecting. And there\'s nothing you can do to keep it in. Jun 05
  • said:
    I did my rook over Christmas vacation. Which is this weird part of the ear. But it rejected. So it pushed its way outta my skin. Jun 02
  • said:
    Yeah, I did both of them myself. I made them nice and even too. So now I have my snakebites and my ear. I don\'t know why I don\'t have both ears done... Yeah I can\'t wait for school to be over. =) Jun 02
  • said:
    haha thats pretty awesome!!! kk i shall check out yo myspace:]] May 31
  • said:
    Yeah I like it. I did the other side a few nites ago. I was gonna wait for the first one to heal. But I wanted my snakebites really bad. May 29


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