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Jon McLaughlin Pro

Rock / Indie / Pop

Anderson, IN

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Hawthorne Heights Pro

Post Hardcore / Screamo / Pop Punk

Dayton, OH

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This Providence Pro

Indie / Pop / Rock

Bothell, WA

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Mae Pro

Rock / Alternative

Chesapeake, VA

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Rock / Rock / Rock

London, United Kingdom

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Comments (12)

  • Izzys korean89 said:
    lol dose anyone even read these anymore? Aug 21
  • Izzys korean89 said:
    you lie,lie,lie!!! *sniff* mrtin is too a fish. that is so mean to try to crush my hopes and dreams like that. lucky for you I am loyal to my weather controling fish,beacuse I was not so trusting of the lie only hurt that you would make a claim like that. the maritn is forgiveing better make youre appology fast before he makes a monsoon in youre bedroom. p.s. to bad youre claim isint true because im running out of penutbutter. Jul 20
  • adawgneil said:
    hey little girl why dont you meet me behind wal-mart at midnight tonight. i um...have a gift for you. from: the stalker everyones warns you about p.s. dont tell your parents Jul 12
  • *kinuko89 said:
    Hailey Bailey Just goig around leaving comments boredd as you can see Anyways cant wait till november (wink wink) May 30
  • adawgneil said:
    is this my cutie pie cousin? miss you... Feb 21
  • surfergirl27 said:
    your house always seems to be busy but thats what i love about your family.....soon we might be realated through marriage but im not saying who....and im not saying anything haha Jan 12
  • Izzys korean89 said:
    ok miss smarty pants if youre smater than the average blond tell me then why is youre hair the color it is. just dye it brown if blonds are so average ok jezzz. Dec 21
  • Izzys korean89 said:
    WoW you just keep geting better everyday. You snowboard in cali, play bass ,have hazel eyes( just like I do well my eyes change color but theyre hazel when I cry), youre from california, and youre a christian( I wish I was J/k). cali with as cool asyou are you should join a band( you should think about it) Sep 26
  • adawgneil said:
    hey there sweet thing. Sep 19
  • Izzys korean89 said:
    cali where are all youre other firends? I cant be the only one adding coments. Anyways I want to give credit to where credit is due Thankyou for finding me three new bands to add to my favorites. aloha Sep 15


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  • General: thanks

    Hey, Thank U to all the people who stay for Jesus without shame or emberassment , cause there is no shame in the matter of serving the King of kings. Standing up for wh…

    Sep 12, 2006



peace out gangstas....sika sistii

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