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Imagine almost all the people you see every day- at school, or at work- are dying from an aggressive cancer. Maybe it shows, maybe it doesn't show yet. You had it too, but you found a cure and it works. Sure, if you told them they might be sceptical.
But do you not tell them at all?

Have you struggled with sharing your faith with your friends? Tried, but no-one seems to be listening? Or maybe you feel like you've blown it-
said the wrong thing, done the wrong thing.

Here's some great advice from some of your favorite Christian artists on how to be a light to those around you. 2 Cor 5:20 says we are Christ's embassadors, or representatives- He makes His appeal to others through us. Your pastor may know a lot more about God and sharing the faith than you do, but you are the one that your friends see and talk to.
And you've found the cure.

---------------------CHAD BUTLER (Switchfoot):------------------------

If you get to the root of what being Christian is, it's being Christlike. I've heard a lot of people talking about being relevant and doing this and that. I think the most relevant thing for this world to witness is a Christian who lives and acts like a true Christian. It's incredibly attractive to see a believer giving his life for the poor, feeding the needy and turning the other cheek. That would be revolutionary. I would be attracted to that.
This is the revolutionary nature of what Christ talks about in the Bible.

---------------------------STACIE ORICCO: ------------------------------

People are called to share their faith in different ways; some through what they do- maybe their music- and some by sharing the gospel straight out. I think a lot of people need to trust somebody before they're gonna believe what he says. They need somebody who's taken the time to get to know them and show that they care, and that's why they want to share their faith.

--------------------BEN CISSELL (Audio Adrenaline):------------------

I had a friend who was a Christian before I was. Id known him since fifth grade. I did everything I could to get that guy in trouble or to be a bad influence on him, and he just turned the other cheek. He wasn't real pushy with me; he was just living by example. That's what really got to me. In my senior year of high school he bought me tickets to go to Audio Adrenaline and the Newsboys in St. Louis. And I said, No way; I'm not going to that concert! And I guess that's God's sense of humor, because we toured with the Newsboys and, uh, I'm in Audio Adrenaline, by the way!

----------------------MICHAEL TAIT (dc Talk/Tait):--------------------

While we were working on the Jesus Freak record, Toby found this quote that said: The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, then walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable. What do they see in us? They're gonna know us by our love- not by how well we sing, or write or do our job. They're gonna know us by our love.

------------------------RACHAEL LAMPA:------------------------------

Definitely don't push them. If you really want to reach friends who are hard to reach, just let them see Christ through you. Let them see how confident you are in your faith and how unchanging youll be no matter what things come at school, at work or wherever you are. Let Him shine through you. Let them see how strongly and incredibly He's impacted your life.

------------------------REBECCA ST. JAMES:---------------------------

One of my favorite quotes is: Preach the gospel everyday; if necessary, use words. Its by St. Francis of Assisi. I'd encourage people to be unashamedly holy and set apart for God. Be radical in your Christian life. Live like the Bible says. People will see that Jesus difference. I also think you should pray for opportunities to talk to your friends about Jesus. Look for them, and when they come, be faithful to share, not in a judgmental way, but in a very real way. Share real stories from your heart about what Jesus has done for you.

----------------------DAVID TOSTI (PAX217):----------------------------

If you're gonna live for Christ and really sincerely be 100-percent devoted to walking like Christ, you'll impact people next to you. They're going to notice the difference, the peace and the joy in your life; they're gonna be affected. Living the example of Christ is powerful.

--------------------DAVE DOUGLAS (Relient K):--------------------------

Your value system is going to be an example even if you're not necessarily saying anything. We're called to worship God in all our actions and to be a witness in our actions- not just stopping people in the street and telling them that Jesus died for them, but to be a real example as a real person to the people we come in contact with in everyday activities. Its important to always remember that if you take God away, everything good that you have becomes worthless.

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    Imagine almost all the people you see every day- at school, or at work- are dying from an aggressive cancer. Maybe it shows, maybe it doesn't show yet. You had it too…

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