Weird Al Yankovic (CA)

Comedy / Death Metal


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LostProphets (US)

Alternative / Rock / Pop

Omaha, NE

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Citizens for a Better America

Rock / Pop

Los Angeles, CA

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Rock / Indie / Alternative

Gothenburg, Sweden

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Scene Masscrae

Screamo / Hardcore / Post Hardcore

Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom


The Paramore Tour

Alternative / Rock

Tampa, FL

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Korn for freaks

Rock / Metal


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Black stone Cherry

Rock / Southern Rock / Hardcore

Edmonton, KY

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Korn (the METAL band)

Metal / Rock


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The Blur

Jam Band / Experimental

Greensboro, NC

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3 Days Grace

Rock / Alternative

Toronto, ON

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No Doubt1

Pop Punk / Rock / Alternative


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Incubus the Band

Rock / Experimental / Alternative


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The June Victory

Pop / Rock / Indie

Scottsdale, AZ

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Metal / Hardcore / Experimental

Concord, NH

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Good Riddance Pro

Punk / Hardcore

Santa Cruz, CA

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ADEMA (official)


Bakersfield, CA

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Three Days Grace 41



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ashley parker angel

Rock / Pop

Los Angeles, MI

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Rock / Alternative / Indie

Los Angeles, CA

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  • General: Random

    Random parts of songs.... i'll be there when your heart stops beating i'll be there when your last breath's taken away in the dark when there's no one listening in th…

    Nov 05, 2006

  • General: ITS ALL LIES

    you know what i really like? when people LIE to me! oh ya its the best feeling in the world, to find out one day that everything was a LIE! wow! i just had that great f…

    Jul 03, 2006


    last night/morning was the best night i have had in a LONGGGGG time! it was so much fun! i went and hung out with two of my friends at 2 and it was really hot out so we…

    Jun 26, 2006

  • General: I made some bad decisions, and im sorry to all of you

    Im sorry this is so damn long, but i had to get it all out. it would be really nice if you read this and let me know what you think, if its that im retarded or if your…

    Jun 16, 2006


    ya so im so bored right now and.... i dont know what to say but that i am bored! i have nothing to do!!! No one to talk to!!!! Nothing Good to eat!!!! nothing good to w…

    Jun 10, 2006



so i guess that means i should be dead... why arent i? hmmm oh well....ya so anyways.... Well lets see...((I)) like helping people who need help, talking to people who need to be talked to, trying to fix the hearts of broken hearted people... letting them know that i know how it feels to loose someone VERY special. it hurts... not like any other pain. its wierd though...idk ...its a good thing that *i dont love him anymore* But I do ((love)) my wonderful boyfriend. :) I guess i should say more about myself.ha ha... im 5inches tall!!! jk im 5 ft. AND 5 inches tall...im 109 pounds right now...if im having a good day im 112, but on a bad day im 107. i have light brown hair and blue eyes... um ya idk....thats about it...i guess you can see that from the pics...haha... oh! i like playing in the snow in the summer....yes that is possible, you just go in the back of the ice arena. haha. i also like to go to parks and sit there and swing, so i can think. i love music...obviously...i like to write songs, and draw...and...other stuff. i also like to sing, and play guitar... if ((you)) want to know more then ask. i hope theres something here that might help you to see..i dont know...what a stupid FUCK i am...HA i like the word fuck!-i leave money in my pocket when i wash my jeans and get happy when i find it and think its my moms so i take it.-i slack off in school and then get pissed at myself for getting bad grades, but i never learn from myself.-i love you for who you are, not who you wish you were.-i would rather be told the truth and get hurt than to be lied to.-i am afraid of the ghost midgets in my closet.-i think feet are disgusting, and so is the word fetus.-i love enchiladas, and i love them even more when i make and eat them with my best friend at 2 in the morning.-my step grandma is mexican but cant speek spanish.-i call Jeremy my "cousin", even though we apparently arent. who knew?-my sister is still married but her and her husband have bf and gf's.-if you call me anorexic, scene, goth, bulimic, drugie, or a fake, i will most likely be forced to kick your ass.-i get sick if i dont eat sugar, but i also get sick if i eat too much, and my doctor says theres nothing wrong with me.-i hate preps, not because they are popular and shit but because they all think that they are better than everyone else.-i love to be a smart ass.-i love to make people smile, and laugh.-people who can scream (as in musically) are just plain awesome.-i believe that life is too short to be serious.-sometimes i cant spell worth shit.-being around stupid people for too long makes me stupid.-i like the song "sexy back". so sue me.-i still have my cat's blanket on my bed so he can lay with me at night... even though he's no longer "here".-i think of llife as everybody's born with a terminal illness.-i dont like change, most of the time.-i hit my bruises and say "it hurts when i do this" but i do it to see if all of a sudden it wont hurt anymore.-i have always wondered if when i was like 5, i got hit in the head and went into a coma, and my whole life is just a dream.-i still like/watch cartoons, like scooby doo, teenage mutant ninja turtles, spongebob, and the fairly oddparents.-i tell my friends little brother and sister to ask me to come play with them at the mcdonalds playplace, just so i can play too.-i am a part of PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) and still eat meat on occasion.-no matter how much you ask me not to tell you what your food has in it, i will.-i used to pretend that my juice was blood, or alcohol, and once someone actually believed me that it was blood. And many times people believe that its wine.-i still have dreams about playing soccer, i guess its because i still love it, and wish i still played.-i tell people that i hate hard practices in swimming, but i really love them because they make me feel good afterwards.-i didnt think that "emo's" could play sports until i became "emo" and played a sport.-i used to think Aladdin was hot, even though he was just a drawing.-when i say that i dont care about what people think about me, i mean it.-i hate when people ask me for advice or to be honest, and then get mad at me for what i say.-i tell people to act their age, when half the time, i dont.-i hate when people tell me to do something, and i say that i cant because of certain reasons, and then they force me to do it. Then get mad at me for doing what they said to do. ((stupid bitches i dont want to cuss you out.))-i feel guilty for my actions even when i shouldnt.-i hate people who do drugs. i despise them... drugs are stupid and ruin lives. its a very selfish thing to do. it hurts people around you, even ones you love. so i guess if you do them, you have no heart. plain as that.-i'm a pessimist-dont hate me just to hate me, hate me because you cant love me -i only did this because i was extremely bored, and had to get my mind off of something. This Is The Video That Made Me Become A Vegetarian. Meet Your Meat Please watch this, and pass it on to your friends and other people. Thank you, it means a lot. :) Dont watch this if you have a weak stomach. For more videos and ways to help stop this cruelty, go to Peta2

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