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  • Camisetas said:
    hiii Jan 25
  • Drewseph Rringo Phillips said:
    purevolume.com/drewsephrringophillips check out my new music? :) its similar to breathe carolina or romance on a rocketship Jul 14
  • redesignme said:
    okay hun. i'm here for ya May 12
  • jaffyguitarshred said:
    how are ya missy im jeff May 11
  • Always10FeetTall said:
    Hey there. My band's EP is now for sale and it's only 2 dollars! Be sure to download it now. We also have a new EP coming out soon! Keep checking back to stay updated. http://churchchambers.bandcamp.com/ May 08
  • jaffyguitarshred said:
    hey there:P May 04
  • redesignme said:
    what's going on hun? :( May 04
  • redesignme said:
    i am happy!:) don't tell me ur not haha Apr 29
  • redesignme said:
    great!:) Apr 20
  • redesignme said:
    excellent! u? :) Apr 19


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  • General: I don't know.

    i dont know weather to hate or love you. you hurt me in ways i never thought possible but in the end i still have this feeling that you give me. I dont know if the word…

    Apr 12, 2011

  • General: Lost...

    im lost without your warm embrace and your smile that lighted my world up in multiple ways and colors.no where to go except down or back and forth with my blade i dont…

    Feb 04, 2011

  • General: Single Or Not?

    I love the single life.

    Dec 15, 2010



about me....every websites asks this and i cant answer them strait and when i do it always needs to be updated bc its never accurate bc i am always changing and rearranging(: sooo i guess that i will say that the name is brianna nichole.i love music and i like to watch the videos and then the lyrics so i can sing along.correctly.Music is my life and lyrics are my story.i hate people who message you and dont say who they are where they found me or why they are even messaging me. hah. well thats people for you.i love people commenting on anything(posts,profile,and especially pictures). i think that this world is skrewed up enough that it doesnt need another skrew up and thats why i am so akward and random. the world can never have enough solutions but keeps spewing out this problems like kids in a nursery. love to hear that people actully get me and on a true basis they actully do.i like to hear peoples problems just to see if they can relate to me or so i could give advice.listene to about everything in the book.i like writing poems and to sing my best when i am all alone in front of my mirror with the music blaring so no one can hear me.i like people who forgive and forget but not me. i seem conceeded but i really hate me life and my body and about the only thing that helps is music and or qoutes thats decribe excatly what i am going through. i have had some major illnesses to deal with one with my aunt and then grandpa and grandma but not from the same family. swear on everything that i am bi-polar, have anger issues, ADD, ADHD, but never will i take medecine for it bc its a way of my life and pills can not change who i natrully am.i have licked my friends and strange objects. i have sibling. i have not bungee jumped. i have made my mistake and i got drama out the cheese whiz can. i love to find bands that nobody knows just so i can claim that i heard them first and they are mine....mine forever. i have been biten and i can and will bite. people stare and ask what is wrong with me and then i tell them and then there jaws hit the floor and say wow how did you survive. i love having friends that actully arnt two face and wont hurt me but they are hard to find and when it really boils down the real ones can only be counted on one hand.i sorta kind really like socializing even though getting caught up is one of the worst things that a person can do.i have had my experience with many awkward silences. i have had pets, a broken heart that you can not mend, a terrible thing happen, a loss, a gain. i have been into a fight and i used to be a A student but that got ruined by me playin it cool. i have many goals to achive in life. i like to read sometimes. i really like this site even though i really dont know many people on here.i wera mitchmatched socks. i wanna die my hair and cut it so that i look really pretty but it never comes out the way i want it to but it works. i wannt get my tounge,belly button,lip and many tattoos.so if you know any one that does under aged defianlly hit my inbox upp. i love to try new things that arnt weird and wont land me in a hospitlal at two in the morning wondering where was i and how did i get here. i like to be my own boss and live by my own rules but thats probably bad for my health.hah. i am a snail. i like to laugh at things until a funnier thing comes along. i am going to visit tanner one day and watch adventure time and eat sour gummie worms. i am obligated to tell you what i think about you and will ignore you if i am mad. i dont like to express my feelings very much. i love my sister randuhh she is on here as Manda.Panda. haa i put you in there randuh so haa.!very muchh living the singe lifee.so hit me up.well that pretty much sums me all uhp.questions comments or concerns hIt the inboxx

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