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  • General: just a poem...

    I Love You I never really knew you You were just another friend But when I got to know you, I let my heart unbend. I couldn't help past memories that would…

    Dec 23, 2008



Please, Tell Me I'm Worthless. Tell Me I'm Nothing. Make Me Look Stupid. Call Me Out. Talk About Me Behind My Back. Talk About Me Infront Of My Face. Gain My Trust Then Betray Me. Push Me Away. Test Me. Find My Weakness And Use It Aginst Me. Don't Stop Until I Cry. Lie To Me. Lie About Me. Make Me Pay For My Mistakes. Take People From Me, One At A Time. Don't Stop Until I'm Isolated. Make Me Lose Hope. Try To Destroy Me. Show Me That I'm Going Nowhere. Tell All Your Friends. Make Me Question Why I Still Try. Be Sure I Never Get A Moment Of Peace. Make Me Feel Like I Don't Belong. Remind Me That I'm Alone. Let Me Know I'm Better Of Dead. Tell Me It's My Fault. Guilt Me Until I Can't Sleep At Night. Use The Words That Hurt Me Most. Make Sure I Have Nowhere To Turn. Laugh At My Expense. Take My Pride Then Crush It. Let Me Know I Will Never Make Anthing Of Myself. Don't Let Anyone Give Me A Chance. Make Me Believe There Is Hope And Then Take It Away. Watch Me Fall. Show Me That I'm Wrong. Be Sure I Understand My Place. Tell Me How I Make Everyone's Life Misrible. Make Me Suffer. Make Me Uncomfortable. Make Fun Of My Clothes. Make Fun Of My Voice. Insult My Hair. Make Fun Of Me For Trying. Make Fun Of Me For Giving Up. Make Me Forget What Happiness Feels Like. Point Out That I Have No Friends. Tell Me That I Need To Get Help. Ask Me What It's Like To Have A Mother Who Hate Me. Refer Me To A Psychyatrist. Tell Me Guys Only Date Me Because They Feel Bad. Find All My Problems. Blame Me. Tell Me I Need To Find God. Get Your Friends Involved. Find Every Flaw I Have And Point It Out. Turn Everyone Against Me. Mock Me As I Walk By. Make Me Fight Back. Tell Them How I'm Crazy. Tell Them I Am Nothing But A Waste Of Air. Blackmail Me. Threaten Me. Be Sure That Nobody Talks To Me. Prank Call Me. Make Fun Of My Music. Tell Me It Sucks. Tell Me I Have No Talent. Act Like I'm Contagious. Make Everyone Avoid My "Disease". Take Everything. Take Until I Stop Fighting. Take Until I'm Left With Nothing But My Breath. View Me As Nothing More Then A Rodent. Set Your Traps And Watch Me Take The Bait. Tell Me To Hurry And Kill Myself. Say That Nobody Is Stopping Me. Let Me Know You Will Dance On My Grave. Use Me. Trip Me. Let Me Stand Up Then Push Me Back Down. Tell Me That Nobody Loves Me. Be Sure To Make Me Believe It. Bring Me To The Edge. Be Sure To Push Me Off Before I Get To Jump. Make Me Wish I Was Never Born. Make Me Hate Myself. Make Me Look Like A Fool. Laugh In My Face. Keep Talking As I'm Walking Away. Take My Notebook And Burn It Infront Of Me. Tell Me Not To Worry, You Are Doing The World A Favor. Bring Up My Past. Tell Me All I've Lost. Prove To Me I'm Fake. Call Me Amber. Say I'm Like The Rest Of My Family. Say I Have Fake Problems. Tell The Kids How I Lie For Attention. Embarass Me, Then Laugh As My Face Turns Red. Watch Me Try To Avoid You And Ask If I'm Scared. Smile When I Don't Reply. Tell Me How I'll Die Alone. Drain Me. See The Light Leave My Eyes. Laugh As I Sit And Take It. Make Me Accept Defeat. Don't Forget The Last Kick Before You Walk Away. Underneath It All We Are Just Skeletons. I Didn't Realize Your Bones Are Made Of Gold.

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