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  • Poet of Godly Wisdom said:
    Yeah, I've heard O-chem is a killer =P Oh, I know... soon I'll be gone and all on my own. It's kinda scary but exciting X] Sep 27
  • Poet of Godly Wisdom said:
    Thanks!!! Yeah, you did miss it, but that's ok lol It was great and I got to hike and stuff on my birthday!!! =]] Senior year is going alright too. How's college? =) Sep 19
  • Poet of Godly Wisdom said:
    Well hello again =]] I bet!!! I'm glad school has been going well and I hope you don't miss your friends too much lol I've been doing alright these days. Finances are tight for the family, but we're making it. Oh, and my brother is getting married in September right before my birthday!!!! =D May 03
  • Skyy 8190735^^ said:
    not sure if i wrote back already but oh well aha. I was the one that took forever to reply aha, all those classes you have in one sem? D: I have Comm Tech, Auto Tech (I was going to drop that class), C Eng and C Chem. My chem teacher is named mr.tallman and he isn't really tall at all. You should go to one soon(: I'm doing good, thank you. Whataboutyou? Oct 16
  • MythMan(InvisibleCombatant) said:
    Yeah. hah! This one time me and my friend caitlin were going to lunch and she has a pretty old car that was stalling out a lot while we were going to taco bell..and we all freaked out so much! It was terrible, but funny at the same time. :P I can usually fall asleep after i wake up, but i have to be really tired..and i hate that it takes me forever to wake up..i'm like a zombie the first two hours im in school. :P haha. I would love to be a chemistry professor! :P I'm not that good at public speaking though, so that could be a problem...xD Yeah. We started the 20th. :) Yeah. i love my english class! :D haha. It's definitely interesting. :) Thanks for the support on the AP chemistry part. :P haha I feel the love! good job. Is the AP Chem test hard? I've heard that it is intense. I do really love chemistry. :P haha. It's ma favorite! Hmm..besides schoolwork and work, not much. Chilaxing. Mainly just playing music. Still practicing piano and such. Beasting guitar and what not. :) I'm just waiting for another break from school .:P haha What about you? Sep 19
  • MythMan(InvisibleCombatant) said:
    Cool stuff! I like those cars..my dad had one of those and he let me drive it around town for a while, until it started breaking down. :P haha. Sad day that was. But i'm hoping for a mazda or something of the more oriental class. :) haha. Maybe a honda will do. i'd be content with a civic. :) hah Yeah. Of course. just because you asked me to, i would do it. :D haha. That would be insanely weird, yet cool at the ssame time. :D haha. I would totally date a girl with neon green eyes..even if theyre contacts or something. xD I hate school systems, and school in general. I mean, yeah, i cna see all my friends for a long time..but i just hate waking up early and wasting my days. Oh i love chemistry! i might even become a chemistry professor! :D idk though..i'm still contemplating what i want to be when i grow up...He sings your instructions? I wish mine was that cool...he talks for a while, puts notes for us to copy on the board and then gives us a little worksheet that he can determine how we react to stuff with. But hes alright. he lets us talk, so i'm good. :) haha. office aid is just..what it implies mainly..you are an aid for one of the poeple who work in the offices and stuff..just like..running errands and stuff for them. Its an easy A and so i figured i'd do it. :D hha Dang..four weeks..this is giong to be our third week now..but..dang! four already..i started the 20th, when did you start? Yeah..Its alright..but i still don't like waking up early to go to a place that i don't really like in particular and stuff..but its goign smoothly so far..i only have two real classes: AP Eng IV and AP chem. Its all easy stuff so far though....except the extensive overanalyzing of novels we have to do in English..ehh. I odn't know..i'm just ready to graduate. :P haha. Sep 06
  • MythMan(InvisibleCombatant) said:
    Yeah..that always happens to me as well. :P haha. Yup. What kind of car do you have? No problem! I can make some amazing names! :P haha ANd i will do it just for you! :) I know! neon green just isn't my color..it doesn't match my eyes..:P haha just kidding, of course..I hate when schools do that. Its just rediculously stupid. I agree...schools systems can get really dumb at times..i just don't understand them most of the times. :P haha. Hmm...I got my schedule last tuesday and i have Psychology, AP eng IV AP chem, Physics, Newspaper, and then office procedurre, or office aid. :) I'm excited about this year. :) I'm taking two of the same classes you are! :D ahaha. So whats been up lately? when do you start school, or have you already started? Aug 17
  • MythMan(InvisibleCombatant) said:
    Awhh! Dang! D: That sucks! I'm sure if you think really, relaly hard about it..you can discover it again. :) hah. But whatever. I like the name for mine. :) haha.I wish I had a car to name..I would name it something clever..i can't think of anything clever at the moment.. :P haha Awesome! I could use some more awesome musical friends! :D haha. thats a bit rediculous..how do they do all that at once? I find that stupid. Yeah..but i like that neon green pants and what not. They're cool! :P haha. I have faith that you can do it! haha. Well enjoy your week while you can...your only young once. :P haha. I figured that out a long time ago. :P haha. I'm doing good..i feel a little sickly..but nothing i can't handle. I had to clean the house a while ago this morning cause we have company coming tomorrow. So the house had to be all nice and tidy..which is understandable..but i dont like cleaning. :P haha. only if i get paid do i clean with a good attitude..and even then sometimes i dont like it. :P haha but whatever..Do you know which classes you're going to take this senior year of ours? Aug 06
  • Poet of Godly Wisdom said:
    I gotcha, well your summer sounds very fun as well =]] I hope you live through senior year and that your friendships grow. And honestly, from what I see you've got in your About Me, you're a Christian, so I hope you grow closer to Christ and are an example in your school. =D Aug 03
  • MythMan(InvisibleCombatant) said:
    Nah, i'm pretty sure i won't let being a senior corrupt me. ;) haha. Yeah..I love being able to listen to a song and pretty much just go over to my piano(which i've decided to call Carlyle, as i name all my instruments) and play whichever peice i find most striking in that particular song. Its really great! :D haha I wish i had a friend like that..Really..my town is either 1: in gangs, 2: into drugs, or 3: a band geek/nerd who plays with action figures and such, which isn't bad..cause i somewhat fall into that category..but not really..but i don't know where i was going with ths..i got distracted..:P haha. Oh no! I hope you get it all done in time. That would suck if you ddin't get it all done. Yeah..i figured it'd be easy to get a license..i've had my learners permit for a while..So it shouldn't be too hard. :) ahha. I know! i'm so ready to graduate! Its gonna be awesome! :D haha I know! We got the ramblings down! :) hahaha. So how've you been lately, besides with all the school work to do before school actually starts? :P hah! Aug 01


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Music is my escape. I play my guitar as often as I can, which lately has not been often enough, and sometimes I look like an idiot...but I love it. I've had to pick up bass as well, which has proven to be...interesting. I'm extremely indecisive, but I know for a fact that Dear Elizabeth, Media Made, and We Are They and other amazing people keep me smiling. My life belongs to someone right now: Jesus Christ. I struggle to keep up with what I say, but it gets hard sometimes. (Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I am not perfect - and I do not live to be. But before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. If you died tonight, are you 100% sure you know where you are going? Would anybody miss you if you disappeared?) Also...don't blink.

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