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blessthefall Pro

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Scottsdale, AZ

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until this day...

Christian / Screamo / Post Hardcore

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Beneath the Silence(NE)

Hardcore / Metal / Experimental

Omaha, NE


Doctor Acula

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Islip, NY

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Twelve Gauge Valentine

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Bastrop, LA

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  • sunshine said:
    lol, you call me! May 09
  • dat krazeh kiid said:
    hiiii wuzzup? :] Mar 18
  • Nikki~ said:
    basically we werent saying help avoid extinction just make living conditions better i completely understand what you're saying.. i can see how you got another idea from what we said but we really did mean just making the living conditions better because if you havent noticed..they're awful Aug 07
  • Nikki~ said:
    Wait, what are you talking about.. Natual selection and survival of the fittest? That has nothing to do with us, those are natural occurances that we cannot even control. We arent COMPLETELY apart of the problem, however...we can do SOMETHING to stop animals from becoming completely exctinct.. Letting them go extinct isnt good, animals are resourceful, but at the same time..it becomes overpopulated which is where natural selection comes in..so it isn't messed up. ...It's a way to stop overpopulation and balance everything out..rather than let a certain species become extinct. I wasn't trying to sound bitchy btw! I was just saying..that is what it is to me, but you are completely entitled to your opinion. Aug 04
  • Nikki~ said:
    lol sweet. how're you? Aug 01
  • Nikki~ said:
    hey thereee =] i'm nikki friendss? Jul 18
  • JESSFTW. said:
    im 14. ohh,niceeee. oh and hey, whats your sn? Jul 16
  • JESSFTW. said:
    cool, i think im going to ride my 4 wheelerrr. how old are you btw? Jul 15
  • JESSFTW. said:
    lol yeaaah im not like really interested, just like worrried i guess.. idk. oh yes, orgasmic shows rock.? im stayed up till like 5 talk on the phone so im pretty fucking tireddd. what are you doing today? Jul 15
  • JESSFTW. said:
    weeelll. nothing reallyyy. just chillingg, what about youu? Jul 08


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  • General: mexico

    athena's some tight shit check 'em out FO SHO www.myspace.com/athena their gettin songs up real soon, so don't you miss it!!!! and if you just can't wait.. check ou…

    May 06, 2007



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