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Matchbook Romance Pro

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Rock / Pop

New York, NY

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From First to Last Pro

Screamo / Post Hardcore / Punk

Los Angeles, CA

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My Chemical Romance Pro

Rock / Metal / Post Hardcore

Newark, NJ

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The Confession (CA)

Metal / Rock / Southern Rock

DanaPoint/OrangeCounty, CA

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  • TheronRogers said:
    Hey!If you like Dashboard Confessional then you might like my stuff. Check it out at: www.purevolume.com/theronrogers Let me know what you think. Thanks, Theron Jul 14
  • xlorenx said:
    okay, you are officially a loser... just thought i should let you know this... i\'m in fashion and i\'m bored... why did i take this class?? hmm... i know why because there was NOTHING else to take... well i love you times 30 bajillion and i will talk to you after school... i love you Loren Mar 09
  • belThier said:
    hello.....=) !! ^^! Feb 09
  • markdoubleday said:
    I\'d really appreciate you checking out my music.. lemme know what you think! Add if you like, I would be grateful. take care. www.purevolume.com/markdoubleday Jan 31
  • xlorenx said:
    hello lovely :P I pretty much love you! you\'re amazing. and definitly we will have to take another random trip like that again. that was amazinly fun. i\'m in guitar class right now we have a free day today. whooo:P i hope you\'re x-rays go alright today. i have a story to tell you. haha [hearts] && [[love]] Loren Dec 12
  • xlorenx said:
    hello darling. how are you doing? trhank you much for dropping my stuff off tonight. i appreciate it. love you bunches dear. ps. we\'ll have to make another random trip somewhere sometime. Loren Dec 10
  • xlorenx said:
    guess what?? i totally just got my car! it\'s pretty sweet. i pretty much am in love with it. just thought i\'d tell you about this. i love you girlie. i\'ll see you in a few hours. [hearts] && [[love]] Loren Dec 09
  • xlorenx said:
    yes dear i am going to go tomorrow with you, of course. and alright, 11/12ish sounds good... but ummm... i\'ll probably go to holiday ball with you guys my dear. who all is going in the car with you? but yes totally call me tomorrow before you come over. alright darling dear. Dec 08
  • xlorenx said:
    you want to know what? i effing love you more than breathing... and no no... you\'re the one that puts the smile in MY pants... you\'re such a silly willy; lol... but i love you... you\'re great; the best sister on the planet earth; my world rocker [hearts] && [[love]] Loren Dec 07
  • said:
    COURTNEY!!! thanks for the add goob wear protection - Aaron Dec 06


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The name is Courtney. I'm insanely crazy...ask anyone. I live for music. I have a slight obsession with Aaron Gillespie [ underoath/ the almost] I am always open to new music and artists. Especially those who are acoustic/emo/indie. I love rocking out in my car with my friends. Questions? Ask.

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