• California_sunshine said:
    heyy thanks for the add. wow your music is really good. : ) Apr 03
  • kissthecontagious said:
    definetly u guys rock!!! Apr 03
  • vaness :) said:
    heyyy, im vanessa but you can call me vess. what uppp? Apr 02
  • kissthecontagious said:
    hey sure ill add u and ur band ill check u guys out here in a sec... Apr 02
  • freakyemovet said:
    so..is ur band like hardcore screamo? death metal ..i guess thats a dumb question cuz i should just go listen but yeah..umm, hi Apr 01
  • Hi_Imdaveyhavok said:
    Hey, first off..thanks for adding me! second, can u give me some advice? - I have a band and we are pretty popular but it seems we are lacking quite a lot. We are having trouble finding decent drummers that arent already taken by other bands and this is proving quite a problem as we cant really get very far. I have been influenced by an amzing band from my school called \'Greenacre\', so good that theyve been featuted in Kerrang..why isn\'t my band that lucky?! Thanks :) wb. p.s I love ur music =] Apr 01
  • clairey_k said:
    Eee.. I\'ll make sure I do. x Apr 01
  • said:
    :D & also: shows?! x.x Mar 31
  • CHENIE said:
    How are you Ben?thanks alot for the add,could you tell my friends space was bit barren?haha.I hope to hear from you soon,bye for now. Chenai Mar 30
  • shanai vs. the ocean. said:
    hey thnx for the add! =] how r u?? wb Shanai Mar 30
  • mychemaiden said:
    you have even BETTER taste cuz you\'re in such an amazing band..hehe, i have all the songs on your pv profile on my mp3... Mar 29
  • AleXiS [ARsEnic] said:
    hi, I\'m alexis, you porlly don\'t care about my name... but I love your band XD Mar 29
  • said:
    yea you\'ve been on my ipod for a looong time, and I\'ll be sure to check out your new stuff! :D About you as a person though. What\'s your favorite color? Mar 29
  • said:
    hey cutes. hows you? Mar 29
  • the*weeping*sinner said:
    hey wats up?? kk luv ya Mar 29
  • aPhRoDiTe_21 said:
    lol, nah. I think I\'ll just keep smiling and hope everything will get better (even though they probably won\'t). I don\'t really like talking about my problems to anyone so I tend to keep them to myself. But don\'t worry about me. I\'ll be okay. Mar 29
  • aPhRoDiTe_21 said:
    Hey! I\'m doing okay....better than some people. But I don\'t really like to talk about my problems sooo.... what\'s goin on with you?? Mar 29
  • ayyyy feek 3n areey said:
    i loooooooooooove the song \"and so they say\" it\'s great and ur great and ur band is killer awesome, do u believe i first heard that song a year ago and i still can\'t stop singin it!!!!! Mar 28
  • HaleyCakes said:
    Thanks for the add!!! yer band is kick ass! =) Mar 28
  • said:
    wow, I love your band u guys have been on my iPod forever, so yesh, I will DeFiNiTeLy be your friend! :) very good music! @.@ Mar 28

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hey! im ben. i play guitar in my band, another day break..we're the best band in the whole f*cking world! please please please check us out at: www.purevolume.com/anotherdaybreak or www.myspace.com/anotherdaybreak love what you hear; hate our music as much as your own shit...i don't care...frankly, i couldn't give a sh*t. i totally love it. i totally live for music - whether it be writing, recording, performing, and even more lately, remixing - i love what i do... so about me; i love my guitars like women. i like to write. i love lyrics. photos. i love to play, listen, record, & perform (not necessarily in that order)...i make a living as a DJ, mostly playing nightclubs and bars and loads of other different events all over, which is pretty cool because firstly, i get to listen to music and get paid, and second i get to play what i love! i also like attention, which i obviously get..always. lol! i would love one day to get the chance to perform my own music tho, which WILL HAPPEN. :) whenever i have free time and im not within reach of my guitar / ipod / cd player i play video games, or drink. i talk to my dog every night before i go to sleep. i have a mortgage and a car. i like when it rains. i can breathe fire. i like being on stage. one day, i'd love to perform for you.

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