• btcmalls91 said:
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  • jakegriffin said:
    Hey you should listen to my pop/rock (fans of The Maine, Taking Back Sunday,A Day To Remember, Mayday Parade) band on facebook! www.facebook.com/TheFinerThingsIN or on here at www.purevolume.com/TheFinerThings Jul 24
  • Christian said:
    Hi Michael!!! If you got the time, please drop by my bands page www.purevolume.com/NoSleepForLucy and take a listen :). Best/Christian/No Sleep For Lucy May 09
  • Mikey V said:
    Hey Michael, my name is Mikey V and I manage a band called Hierosonic (http://www.purevolume.com/hierosonic). I would love it if you could check out their purevolume page and take a listen. If you like what you hear, please add them as a friend. They also just released a new video which you can see on their video tab. Thanks a lot and hope you enjoy. Nov 28
  • robyn.ann said:
    heeey :) how have you beeeen? Mar 31
  • ϟ punk princess ϟ My Music = Believe = www.purevolume.com/believeband said:
    Hey sorry late reply michael, how you doing? Ahh i did a couple tracks with friend www.myspace.com/eveandjamie mean alot if you were to check! Hope your well x Mar 08
  • courtney ✌ said:
    in spanish xP youuu? :) Jan 19
  • ϟ punk princess ϟ My Music = Believe = www.purevolume.com/believeband said:
    i would like my song to be about new beginings please - in fitting with new year around the corner! (: Dec 28
  • ϟ punk princess ϟ My Music = Believe = www.purevolume.com/believeband said:
    i cant write atm, but check this song i love atm 'a mess it grows' - He Is We. Its quite a striking song to me Dec 26
  • KAY said:
    well yay :) Dec 15
  • andrea dechay. said:
    awww well i actually had to re-schedule for Dec. 30th. and im really nervous/excited :D Dec 15
  • courtney ✌ said:
    study for my chemistry final :DDDDD Dec 14
  • courtney ✌ said:
    hah ur just in touch with your feminine side thats all :) Dec 14
  • courtney ✌ said:
    lol i was thinking that. i was like ohhh hes gay. haha well i think thats really coool :) Dec 13
  • courtney ✌ said:
    uhmmm go to concerts and photography :D how about you? Dec 02
  • andrea dechay. said:
    aww hey! haha not a whole lot. the usual, school and work, and friends. but im excited that is already december. and on dec.10th i go to take my driving exam to get my license. so i hope i pass. and im wishing for a car on christmas Dec 01
  • courtney ✌ said:
    we have a sucky one here too but the mall of louisiana in baton rouge is awesomee :D its hugeee Nov 28
  • JÆ follow -> @SWITCHINGTOGUNS said:
    Hiiiiiii!! =) Happy Thanksgiving!!! **if you celebrate** Hope you can share (and survive) a great day with close friends and family!! ;D Nov 26
  • courtney ✌ said:
    the mallll :D of coursee Nov 26

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i really like music i like to sing i like art i like concerts if you dont have a profile picture i wont add you. sorry! haha alright ill tell you a little bit more about myself. im a 18 year old boy who really just wants to stay young, sing, paint, and love. i believe im a pretty easy going guy and i talk to everyone (sorry if it takes long to reply i can get pretty busy :P) but yeah i will eventually send a comment back and hopefuly we can become good friends. :)

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