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Destroy The Runner

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Encinitas, CA

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The Bravery Pro

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New York, NC

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Aiden Pro

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Seattle, WA

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Los Angeles, CA

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  • heavenrainsblood777 said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/HeavenRainsBlood http://www.heavenrainsblood.bandcamp.com/ Nov 27
  • R said:
    hehe, hi alisha! wow.. i miss talking to you on here, since this is one of the places that we started talking. wow. it's been awhile since i was on your page and forgot that you had poems on here! and yay pics! :) Jun 04
  • Fulgencio said:
    Long time no talk! Are you rocking out still?! What's new with you? Feb 29
  • R said:
    hey, I like your Break Your Silence pic! ~awesomeness! Nov 16
  • R said:
    hey, great new banners on your page! They are all awesome. Your page is lookin\' really cool!!! :D Oct 23
  • AryaDarcy said:
    Hey! Sounds like you have really good music taste. Oct 21
  • power_of_three said:
    hey, hows it going? Sep 02
  • said:
    i luv running with scissors! lol Aug 20
  • said:
    ya i guess not.. Aug 18
  • rockgirl77♥ said:
    dont worry i wont ive known him 4 almost 8 years now god hes my best friend dude wanna hear a funny story about him???????? hes REALLY sweet,funny,kind ill shut up now Aug 17


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    Jun 27, 2007

  • General: Don't Make Me Wish (NEW POEM I just wrote at 1:43am)

    Don't make me sacrifice our friendship This friendship is something I really value Don't make me say anything I will soon regret This life won't be as pleasant if live…

    Jun 10, 2007

  • General: R.I.P. 18V

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    May 28, 2007

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    May 24, 2007

  • General: Poem I wrote For English Class

    "Underdressed and Under Duress" This Kind Heart Is Locked Inside And Can Not Show She Can't Always Make it To School On Time Or Ever Go One Day WithOut Being Insulted…

    May 23, 2007



Feel free to comment/message/add me as a friend. Just talk to me about music! lol. Now a little bit about me... I LOVE music!!! I swear music is the best thing ever!!! Music is my life! I luv a lot of bands!!! I could talk forever about music, and my fav bands! if you let me! So ya totally check out my fave artists! And see if you like the same bands as me and if you see a band you never heard before, then listen to them and add them as a fave artist if you like what you hear!!! ~My tagline is usually a fav song lyric or a fav quote from a band member or something cool like that. and also check out my cd collection in my blog section. I will add any new cds to the list if/when i get some more! And check out some of my other blogs. and def. check out my pix!~ NEWS: I just learned, anther reason why I love music. Cuz it's ALWAYS gonna be there for you. Unlike some relationships that fall thru. Music won't ever go away if you don't let it. So Love Life and Love Music and well love people too but when they aren't there for you. You can always count on music to be there!

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