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Coheed and Cambria Pro

Rock / Progressive / Alternative

Central Nyack, NY

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Rise Against Pro

Punk / Hardcore / Rock

Chicago, IL

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The Graduate

Indie / Rock / Ambient

Springfield, IL

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Cute Is What We Aim For

Pop / Powerpop / Rock

Amherst, NY

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Chiodos Pro

Punk / Emo / Rock

Davison, MI

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Comments (41)

  • ~{{SmokingGun}}12~ said:
    OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG!!! did you know that there is a video for Classifieds?! Apr 27
  • ~{{SmokingGun}}12~ said:
    Larissa! heyy, its Marina. the-n boards suck latley. if ahd to read one more topc about fob\'s new video i would ahe lost it. do you have AIM? if you do mine are xOnThisStarX or Rinag1221 but i usually only go on the first one. =] Mar 26
  • lacey lynn. said:
    Ello. I\'ve seen you on The-N many a time. We\'re very similar in music taste, it seems. Your much more energetic and ruthless than me ... which sometimes I like and sometimes I don\'t. But at any rate, I\'ve always wanted to talk to you, so how\'ve ya been? Mar 22
  • lexlike WHOA said:
    Hey there. Ive seen you around on The N before. By the way im ShrimpyLex. Jan 20
  • OH! so [x] beautiful ;; said:
    heyyo =] its emily. heyxxemily on the n? ive seen you. Oct 21
  • OH! so [x] beautiful ;; said:
    heyyo =] its emily. heyxxemily on the n? ive seen you. Oct 21
  • chrissie owns said:
    oh gee. : o i know you from the-n. i was DrkSkyBlue. idk if you remember me thoughh. ]: haha. Oct 15
  • randiHOLLYWOOD said:
    woo! happy birthday again! Oct 14
  • raw_rock_kills_girl said:
    Hey, what\'s up? : ) Oct 14
  • said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/blackandwhiterainbows add me pluhleese Oct 11


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    Sep 06, 2006

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    Sep 05, 2006


    Yeah bitoches, Im the freshman goalie at central. Woooo....well all goalies make it but whatever....3 freshman got cut and I guess the coaches told them. "There are peo…

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WOOO....hello Im Larissa Have a good day. : ) Oh yeah, this is Smellslike from the n if you wanted to know.

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