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  • General: Pes Planus Explained

    OverviewA fallen arch or flatfoot is known medically as pes planus. The foot loses the gently curving arch on the inner side of the sole, just in front of the heel. If…

    Jul 05, 2017

  • General: Understanding Heel Serious Pain

    OverviewHeel pain is often the result of a heel spur, which is a bone growth on the heel bone. Heel spurs are usually located on the underside of the heel bone where it…

    Jul 03, 2017

  • General: Measuring Apparent Leg Length Discrepancy

    OverviewApproximately 75% of us present with one leg longer than the other. It?s staggering, literally, that so many people walk about with an imbalance. Yet to have on…

    Jun 29, 2017

  • General: Addressing Mortons Neuroma

    OverviewA neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissue that may develop in various parts of the body. The most common neuroma in the foot is a Morton?s neuroma, which occurs…

    May 30, 2017

  • General: Foot Pain Accessory Navicular Bone

    Overview In an ideal situation, the navicular bone and the accessory bone will fuse together to form one bone. The problem that occurs is that sometimes the two bones d…

    May 06, 2017

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