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Fairfield (UK)

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Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Kansas City, MO

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Boston Lonely

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Nashville, TN

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A Kidnap in Color

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Chicago, IL

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Breathe Carolina Pro

Pop / Electronic / Indie

Denver, CO, CO

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  • benn franklin said:
    heyy whats up? heard my band yet? :] Jan 03
  • J Blaze said:
    how have you been? Mar 03
  • Ethan said:
    Hey. You have a really good taste in music. Keep on being cool. Feb 28
  • Lindsayyy. said:
    heyyy ! (: Dec 13
  • CandyGirl92 said:
    No prob. :) What's up? Dec 11
  • Evan =D said:
    hey how are you :] Nov 30
  • zisasterpiece™ said:
    no pwobleimoe!!! hkhkhk im fine thank you...hbu??...Ü Nov 22
  • Brittney said:
    your welcome....and thanks very much(: Nov 19
  • Phil said:
    not much..just got done takin acouple exams..how are you? Nov 19
  • CasperXShortcake said:
    Not Too Much. Just Pushing Through The Mud Of Life, LOL. Weird Question But I Ask Everyone That Likes Gummy Bears This. Do You Like The Regular Or Sour Ones Better? Nov 19


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  • General: AHAHAHAA

    JUST FOUND THIS AGAIN  Laughing so hard at my stupid pictures of myself with sad song quotes as captions ahaha. Thinking of making a new account with my Current music…

    Oct 14, 2012

  • General: guesswhatt

    haiii  guess what everyoneee i am pretty sure im  bi :O  but not 100% sure yet cuz i havent had a gf yet..  soo if anyones interested.. lmao [: && dont be a hom…

    Dec 10, 2009

  • General: new hair!! /MYSPACE

    yo ppl ok i got my hair colored :]] dark brown yayy!! :D and i had homecoming, which was ok, i went with my bff and my ex that i dated in 7th grade, which was kinda a…

    Nov 08, 2009

  • General: :P

    supp ima singlee ladyy yeahh buddy :/ anywayy i feel like shittttt cuz i gots a coldd :( blehh OH! i gotz a myspacee! so um add itt myspace.com/rainbowtear…

    Oct 01, 2009

  • General: FRESHHHMANNNN ect ect :]]

    YAY IM A HIGHSKOOLER FINNALLY!! :]] i got an iPod Touch fer a grad present.. but it doesnt work on my moms computer so i have to transefer all my shit to my dad's comp…

    Jun 14, 2009



[www.myspace.com/rainbowteardropss add it its updated moree some stuff on here is kindaa old :P ] Hey! I'm Hannah! :3 I'm fourteen... ima freshieee :D Ima vegetarian! :D And straightedge lol XD Hugs not Drugs!! :] faves bands are MCR, ETF, Silverstein and Green Day :] i play guitar, write songs, draw, write storys (mainly MCR fanfic lolz) and i love taking pictures but my camera sux lol.. also designing clothing :] music=life! i went to bamboozle this year.. kick ass :D i love going 2 concerts and shows :]] ..btw im more likely to add u if u comment me cuz i get like 20 adds at a time and i dont get on here to often anymore :( so yeah it gets all confusing :P im a very emotional person (good thing and a bad thing :P) and if anyone ever has something going on, even if i dont kno u for real, I'l stil try to help u out if u need it :] cuz i kno how hard stuff can be, trust me, ive been thru a lot of shit :P Relationship status: single.. :[ looking for someone to fix my broken heart

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