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Hmm... First things first. Im NOT 17...i just love this site;) JESUS IS MY SAVIOR:) Im a CHRISTIAN. Im big on FAITH. ONE WAY=JESUS. Second chances are ALWAYS worth it. I party with actual CONVICTS;)(not real partying) PURPLE is beautiful:) Im on the WORSHIP team:) I LOVE to sing. I play guitar. MUSIC is my passion. Photography is AMAZING. I love CATS;) My cats name is TYLER(named after my sisters friend) I have very LOW self esteem. If you make me mad, you'll be SORRY. What I BELIEVE in: 1.JESUS. 2.SECOND CHANCES. 3.MYSELF. 4.DREAMS. 5.HAVING NO LIMITS. 6.MUSIC HAS UNKNOWN TRUTH. 7.FUTURES. 8.FINDING THE PERSON YOU WERE MENT FOR(people know it as true love) 9.LOVE IS NOT A FEELING. 10.GOD IS LOVE. 11.TRUE 'LOVE' NEVER DIES. 12.STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. 13.YOUR DREAMS MEAN SOMETHING. 14.SPIRITS EXIST. 15.TO NEVER NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

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