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  • General: im so bored! :P ( bands to check out)

    im so bored! lol nah.. well lets see here hi(: bye(: tadaaaa :P

    Apr 17, 2011

  • General: THIS IS HOW YOU KNOW...

    when i love you band and your music you will get a specific catch phrase from me that means 5 stars-YOUR MUSIC IS BANGIN THE SHIT OUTTA MY EARS- thats how you know i lv…

    Feb 13, 2011

  • General: Almost outa skewl!!!

    Yup 5 more days in this hellish whole.. im making it threw thanks to my ipod :] its my life !! >.< really bitchin music on it :P :D have no reason to post this just bor…

    May 26, 2010



HELLO PEOPLES OF THE SITE OF PUREVOLUME.COM :P caps lol is fun xD i am ashleeey (: wewettt wooo! thats the name they gave me well anywhooo. what to say :O! oh. music=♥, :P i like finding new artist thingys. that's why i created this, as i'm sure many people did. that and it's unblocked in school xD. anyway. got new music :3. write on the profile comments. OR, inbox me your band :D. i ll check them out. im not gonna like everyone tho. so if i don't answer back. it means your melody doesnt flow thru my ear the right way. im rambllling nowww. :3. tata.

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