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Hollywood Undead Pro

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  • Seanowhat said:
    HEY! Hope your Halloween was fun! If you checked out purevolume.com/livingmylastday and became a fan, gave some of the tunes a listen, and maybe helped spread the word, it would mean a lot! Keep in touch! Share your thoughts! Peace and love Nov 02
  • [SPICEBOY]chaz said:
    hahah im trill good at boffnah i dont skateboard cuz im super lazzzzzzzy Feb 20
  • chony 86 said:
    hi there!I let you the link of my band and you can listen and add a comment if you want,thanx! just click on the logo! new song in english call "Another Day" Feb 20
  • jen ai peur said:
    not too much really, i quit my old job and got another one haha :] thats gotta be mostly it. anything new with you?? Feb 18
  • Megann(: said:
    heyy. haha. whats up? Feb 18
  • caezin_ said:
    thnks and have a fucking nice day :) Feb 17
  • MandaMishap said:
    lol yesh yesh hun.... Feb 16
  • Pip_is_me said:
    ur band name...that would hurt!!!! lol but ya....i changed the name of my acoustic thing to DELICATE NOVEMBER Feb 16
  • Pip_is_me said:
    thanx!!! hahaha funn...i have bad pain in my knees....i think its growing pain...it hurts!!! Feb 16
  • rachelll babycakess. said:
    Awhahha yay! ive been alright, looking forward to my february vacation the week after this one :] Feb 15


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  • General: Letter From Aj

    haha i love volleyball.. and im sorry for the really late reply, my mom isso strict. she was all like, family first, then chicks. haha.. so yeah. what have you been up…

    Feb 17, 2008



my name is ashleen but ppl call me ashleenemer or funkmonk u pick?or if you all want make up a nickname for me!! im a crazy,i dont know what i am, i love life ,smart,weird,funny,sensative,outing girl,sweet girl and if u have a problem with me deal with it.....if your sweet too me i will love ya forever = ) .....if u hate me oh well i dont care i hate dramma......im not racist, agianst gays,agianst anyone i dont judge i love music.....the small town i live in sucks and im 17years old my birthday is april 27 ,im christian,.......well if you wanna know more ull half too ask.....oh and yeah i cant forget my bestfriend megan aka cherrypepper she awsome we have they craziest times togetta&tiffany she is sooo sweet,funny and understanding.....if u say u love me or anything else u better mean it causie i hate liars but ANYWHO im they most randomist gurl you willl ever meet i would tell u they rest but then i just dont want u too stalk me but i love u all !!!!!! I am a christian and i have been since i was 8years old with out jesus christ our savour we would be hell with out him and i am very appreciative that he died on the cross for our sins i love eyeliner,being crazy,watching movies im just a all around fun person..... I am currently Taken now By Alan Jackson Sandlin He is in a band I met him last year and i fell for him and we have been dating since 1-24-08 he is soooooo funny,sweet,smart,outgoing and crazy sooo if anyone messes with him ill kill you!!! He is GAH GAH GORGEOUS COWBOY GENTLEMAN I EVA MET LOL=]]]]] Crush this person!Get your own ThisCrush.com CrushTag! Sonni He is Very unquie and amazingly funny and cute, goodtimes stayed up all night with him, he is very understanding and very chill and crazy Love em longtime mess with him also ill put the hood of your eyes and you will have no idea whats going on Ill go mad crazy on you!!!

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