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The World Health Organization says that two-thirds of the total population (about 3.7 billion people) are infected with the herpes virus. It suggests that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexually_transmitted_disease the majority of people you are acquainted with - that includes you - probably have HSV! If you have never had a lesion before, you might still be infected with HSV. Most women and men carrying herpes don't know they have the infection.

Why do you need to take into consideration herpes tests if you have no symptoms? If a man or woman has herpes virus, he or she may pass it to other men and women even when there are no symptoms present (that is called asymptomatic shedding). Because of that it is so crucial for every person to get checked for the herpes virus as early as possible.

There are a number of herpes test choices, and it is crucial for you to choose the right one.

DNA Herpes Exam

When there are active the herpes virus blisters present, it is advised to take DNA test (PCR) for the most precise results. DNA herpes virus test is a sensitive and fast procedure to get checked for the herpes virus.

Viral Culture The herpes virus Test

Viral culture herpes virus lab test utilizes cells or liquid from a recent cold sore to cultivate HSV. It is just one of the most prominent methods to find genital herpes virus. However, viral culture has a very high percentage of falsely negative results and, thus, it is much less accurate than DNA herpes testing. Viral culture herpes virus test is a lot more effective if taken after the initial exposure to the infection.

Anti Bodies Herpes Testing

In the event that there are no symptoms found, it is recommended to get a blood lab test that can identify HSV anti bodies. When an individual is infected with HSV, their body immune system generates antibodies (required proteins) to fight the HSV.

A specific herpes virus IgG test could tell the difference among oral herpes and genital herpes antibodies found in the blood.

Herpes virus is a typical virus. Herpes simplex virus-1 (cold sore) could be transmitted through using the same forks and beverages, kissing, and in the course of oral sex. HSV-2 (herpes) is a sexually-transmitted disease which is spread out via skin contact.

If you have the herpes virus symptoms or otherwise, it is vital to get checked for herpes to protect your partner and children and oneself. Don't lose time and money by visiting your physician to get tested. Instead, locate http://www.mohca.us/herpes-testing-why-you-should-get-tested-for-hsv-today a herpes virus test lab closeby, order testing on the Internet at terrific rates, and get your results by e-mail afterwards. Take action and get checked right away!

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