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Hey Pure Volume Friends and Fans< We're asking that you add the New Soul Cowboys to your friends on Myspace. Cut and paste the address below to add us: NEW SOUL COWBOYS - "Born To Ride!!!" Southern Rock NASHVILLE, Tennessee www.myspace.com/newsoulcowboys Thanks for your support and energy! You are our melody!! Keep Rockin', Anthony Gomes and the New Soul Cowboys

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JOIN THE STREET TRIBE TODAY. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED: C2G Live Anthony Gomes Hour Show P1Add to My Profile | More Videos C2G Live Anthony Gomes & The New Soul Cowboys P2Add to My Profile | More Videos WHY ANTHONY GOMES IS THE FUTURE OF BLUES ROCK 1/11/08 CONCERT REVIEW AT DARWIN'S, MARIETTA GA Gary Weeks & Mike Nunn Maybe with the Crown Royal, little purple sacked, mojo hand hanging off of the Marshall Amp and the feathered dream catcher dangling mysteriously from the mic stand, Ruf Recording artist Anthony Gomes just might have been trying to conjure up some new age musical voodoo? His new band, The New Soul Cowboys consists of drummer Peter Lang, bass player David Karns and keyboardist Dylan St. John who were akin to Jesse James gang of desperadoes riding into town and terrorizing the locals. At a very crowded Darwin's in Marietta, GA, Gomes was part revival tent preacher, part Blues man, part rock-n-roller with a little Soul thrown in the mix. Anthony is an animated performer who doesn't settle for people sitting like mesmerized couch potatoes. An Anthony Gomes live & alive concert, is simply a soul satisfying rock-n-roll fest at its best! Gomes actively pursues his philosophy of Blues evolving through exposure to and inclusion of current day trends & influences. This provides the musical alchemy to transform him into a charismatic performer and not just another S.R.V. regurgitating wanna-be simply going through the motions by covering the beaten to death old blues I, IV ,V progressions. With a super-human magnetism that blends sexual swagger with entertainment moxie, Gomes gave two killer, high energy sets of music that made people dance, scream and left them totally breathless. Both sets roared out of the starting gate and the music had the impact of a howitzer cannon. When Gomes did slow it down to change the pace, and warm the mood you immediately felt a sense of relief and appreciated these relaxed moments of pure Soul. Being a Nashville resident for several years has no doubt been inspirational to Anthony. He cranked-up a country rock uberblitz with "Rebel Highway." Dylan St. John's honky-tonk keyboard wizardry made the country gospel tinged"Carolina" a down home piece of Southern heritage. On occasion, Gomes would leave the stage friday night to let the rhythm section of Karns and Lang solo. Karns' slap-bass percussive technique and Langs' sledgehammer attack had the impact of a minefield of funk based rhythms just exploding with hipness & bliss. Anthony has the set of world class pipes and singing stylings to make his songs come to life. But the guitar super freaks in the crowd reveled in the volcanic, white-hot, shredderific phrases he was laying down. Gomeshad no problems in playing the guitar slinger image to the hilt. He can throw down the wicked riffage of a Eddie Van Halen shredfest, while laying ahot slab of funk on the nights platter of deep fried Blues/Rock! Perhaps it was due to the recent Led Zeppelin reunion that Anthony threw in"Heartbreaker" during the second set. Unlike the lp version, Anthony puts his own stamp on it. Instead of merely Zeppelinizing it, the song becomes a funk-o-rama with a mile wide groove. But then, Gomes throws the obligatory Jimmy Pagesque solo in there that even the heavy metal meister himself might approve of. With a warlocks' alchemical potion of rock, soul, blues, country and funk stirred into the the blues roots stew pot,Gomes takes these seasonings and creates a gumbo of music that rides a funky soul train into a mythic grooveyard of rhythmic, danceable fun. The hard-core "Nazi" Blues purists have no love for Anthony. While Gomes can't please everybody, he knows inherently how to raise the roof. He will burn, croon & make the ladies swooon! These are the voodoo packed, highly seductive charms of the Blues. And, there is no more qualified high priest of Blues/Rock than Anthony Gomes!

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