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  • AndN said:
    “MAGIC journey” http://www.purevolume.com/UFANCY/videos/4474009/SPACE+UF+-+002 Jun 22
  • Paulo AFM said:
    Hi!! my name is Paulo, I'm a member of A FEW MEMORIES, and I would love to invite to check our EP JUST NOT HERE!!! FRESH SOUND FOR FRESH EARS ^^!!! (hope you enjoy it) http://www.purevolume.com/afewmemories THANKS!!! Apr 21
  • Saint64 said:
    I also went out with emily copez... Meh Dec 31
  • Saint64 said:
    Actually.. maple valley equals.. I went to Tahoma.. and they said i couldnt stay because my grades werent good enough.. So they sent me to maple valley high.. which is an alternative school... which sucks.. because i want to graduate next year.. and i have to bust my ass... WHOA.. I TOTALLY SAW YOU LIKE ALOT.. cause you were all huggy huggy on colten... I was..Andrew... UMMM... I usually wore a black Zero jacket.. And tighter jeans.. with black hair.. with a blonde streak in the front???... ever see me? Dec 31
  • LibraryDust said:
    im sierra! im from michigan you? Jul 21
  • add my other account... said:
    it\'s called creationfest. it\'s this big christian music festival thing at the Gorge. sounds lame, but it\'s really fun. what show did you go to? Jul 21
  • quitlollygagging16 said:
    hahah yeah i guesss it does get pretty lame after after a while Jul 20
  • jassywood said:
    HAHAHAHA no, not at all. i hated that about the jr high, too. hahahaha. no. as long as you\'re not having sex, you can do what you want. Jul 20
  • jassywood said:
    hahaha ohmygosh, noo. he didn\'t say anything bad!! brad\'s too nice to say something like that, hahahhaa. and ryan always told me you were pretty cool. :] yeah, the junior high is ridiculous. i mean, yeah, people at the high school will judge you. no matter WHERE you go people will judge you, but i think the high school is pretty accepting compared to other places. Jul 20
  • jassywood said:
    oh, ohmygosh, okay! i know who you are now! you went out with bradleyyyy! awh! haha. he used to tell me about you! colton is so tight. that\'s sooo cute. so you\'re going to tahoma next year? exciting! haha. i think you\'ll have fun. everyone goes to tahoma. and the high school is amazing. Jul 20


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well im 16. I play the electric bass (sort of). it isnt my passion but its something to do. my passion though is art. any kind of art. i think in the future, i want to be a tattoo artist. im really into dancing, like in a real studio for a competition team. i finally have a picture of me on here! a real life one! my boyfriend's name is colton (hes the drummer for a local mv band called the tuxedos)(check them out, they have a profile on here somewhere..) weve been going out for 1 year and 1month so far and we're still going strong. i love chocolate milk. im not into bashing people (unless they deserve it and make me super pissed and in that case, i just do it to their face) and im not a fan of arrogant or self endulgent people. i prefer a person to be just chill. i have nothing against gays or lesbians. i personally dont see what the big deal is. i like using big words and i wish i knew more of them. i hate the word 'luscious'. its just irritating. i dont do drugs or drink alcohol. im a virgin. i love water slides. i dont have a myspace. i like to keep it old school with portable cd players therefore im 1 out of like 10 people in the entire world who dont have an ipod/mp3 player. i hate walmart. i was raised on pink floyd and led zeppelin but yet i still listened to britney spears and the spice girls in elementary school but i never sunk low enough to listen to boy bands. i still think britney is the shit. im pretty honest person. i dont really have any dark secrets, but then again i could be lying...(?) i dont say the f word unless im super pissed. no reason really except i sound like too much of a bad ass when i say it so i dont. im not religious- though if god really does exist, thats cool. i love french toast. ive only been out of the country once to canada and it was beautiful. i love haunted houses and being scared. my favorite movie ever is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. my favorite subject in school is english. my least favorite (ironically) is art. i like music that is calming. im a pretty calm person. like right now, im listening to joseph arthur's 'honey and the moon' and i think it is absolutely gorgeous. i also like music that can easily put a smile on my face. i do also like harder music but i have to be in a certain mood to listen to it. lately, ive been more in 'that' mood. i have a weakness for older metal (metallica) and cheesy 80's hair metal. people (that get in a fit because you dont know some obsurd band or the name of everyone in some other off-the-wall band) annoy me. im not easily phased by anything. days monday through thursday, i am very irritable. i believe people should be able to listen to hardcore while wearing abercrombie and have no one look at them weird. my favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough. i hate the fact that i wear makeup but i cant pull off the 'natural' look. i really like mt. dew but i dont get to drink it too often because my mom and dad dont buy pop. i dont care what people look like and i wish i could say the same about myself. i tend to ramble a lot. if you dont know me i'm - quiet, stuck up, slightly mean and intimidating. if you do know me im - talkative, accepting, nice and insecure. i like to think of myself as deep but then im only 15 so im not sure if i can really say that because im 'inexperienced" and "ignorant". my favorite color is yellow or it may be green...red is nice too. i have a brother in college and he is pretty cool. all his high school career, he managed to be unlabeled. i wish i could do that. well thats all for now. pee.ess- if you read all of that, well then you deserve a hug

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