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Downtown Singapore

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Waldorf, MD

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Drop Dead, Gorgeous (CO)

Hardcore / Metal / Screamo

Arvada, CO

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Hot Rod Circuit Pro

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The Weakend Pro

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Sterling Heights, MI

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The Manhattan Address

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Tucson, AZ

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Comments (8)

  • kallok said:
    Helloooooo. I\'m just saying hello to all of my PV friends and thought I\'d shamelessly plug my music haha. If you have a Myspace... feel free to add my solo project page to your friends. There is nothing really on it right now but there will be. I\'m recording a EP over winter break that will be available for free plus will be doing a mini tour over spring break! http://www.myspace.com/ryankallok Dec 10
  • spencerlane fan page said:
    Hey spencerlane listener! We wanted to let you know that we are creating a page just for you all. The band will be able to chat with you better here!Love,spencerlane Oct 06
  • sixstringer688 said:
    hey i found your profile. check out my band at purevolume.com/1life Add us if u like it! Oct 02
  • elenabee. said:
    Yes. They\'re just a fad. Not a real, passionate, team with heart. I liked the Red Sox, way before they won. And just because they won, it only strengthens my..love..for them. haha. Poo indeed. Oh that would be fun. Canvases:] Maybe I\'ll go there, sounds great. :] Sep 30
  • elenabee. said:
    lol. You\'re not lame. At least, I don\'t think so. ;] Yes! Yankees are soo..overrated. I would love to paint it, but, unfortunately, it\'s shared. My brother lives in it, too. And plus, it\'s an apartment. :[:[:[ Really? Never been to Clearwater. Yeahh, I love Tampa, too. :] You\'re totally rad. :D:D Sep 30
  • elenabee. said:
    Ohh. I see. Zomg! Haha. I was wondering how you would say that...you know..like, in person. Out loud. I tried it and, well, it was fun. Wow. You\'re missing out. The Marlins are doing quite well, and I hope the Astros and the Phillies, oh! and the Twins make the postseason. I hate the Yankees. I wish I could decorate my room. Paint it a maroon red, with dark purple hues. Oh, that would be lovely. The Beach. Now, THERE I haven\'t gone in years. I like St. Petersburg the best. That\'s good. I\'m happy you\'re doing swell. :] Sep 30
  • elenabee. said:
    Yeahh, me neither. I see the emails once in a while where it says, \"Friend Request,\" but other than that, hardly login. But I do get on here a lot to listen to the music. All about the music. Wow. 267. I hardly remember to favorite anyone that much. I\'ve been fantastic. Anticipating the looong week ahead. Watching baseball. Enjoying life. You? Sep 30
  • elenabee. said:
    Why hello, Sam. So nice to see a friend here. :] Sep 30


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I think we can all gather that music is my thing; as well as half the world's passion. My name is Sam, and I'm all about the music and the photos. I like to stay epic and drama-free. I enjoy driving with the windows down. I love hockey, snowboarding. and college football. I like movies that make me squirm, saving money, and reading Chuck Palahniuk books.

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