• ~{K}-Lie~ said:
    Thanks for the add chica May 15
  • Devil_Boy17 said:
    thanks for the add Hannah.......we should chat sometime May 15
  • CarLiToS RaMone said:
    hi!! :D May 15
  • Carlosgarna said:
    hi, thanks for the add!! ;D May 14
  • EchoTango said:
    hey there, i wonder how u found me. coincidentally, u have the same first & middle name as my sister. anyhow, nice to meet you...yoroshiku! :^] May 13
  • Deedee said:
    thx for the invite ^^ May 13
  • Caleb Jeddis said:
    HEY Check this band out! ;) http://purevolume.com/PROPOSAL May 13
  • Matt Z said:
    Unique, infectious, mellow acoustic rock!! www.purevolume.com/MattZimmerman May 12
  • roffy rievaeldy said:
    hey .. grils May 11
  • Matthew Louis said:
    hey! you probably get this a lot but my band is a similar genre as most of your interests, it'd be awesome if you checked us out, you won't regret it! www.purevolume.com/HarbourBlue May 10
  • Gone Off The Grid. I'm So Sorry. said:
    Hey, quit being pretty May 10
  • xXxmmatth3wxXx said:
    Thanks for the add :) May 10
  • eight in said:
    hi there, how are you today ?? May 09
  • John ...Is A Dead Man! said:
    hey what's going on :D www.purevolume.com/knockoutkid May 08
  • Always10FeetTall said:
    Hey there. My band's EP is now for sale and it's only 2 dollars! Be sure to download it now. We also have a new EP coming out soon! Keep checking back to stay updated. http://churchchambers.bandcamp.com/ May 08
  • mtb34 said:
    hey check out my band www.purevolume.com/theywontlikeit were trying to spread the word so help us out :) May 08
  • Zac Koval said:
    Hey! I just wanted to share my free demos with you! =] www.purevolume.com/zackoval and my HxC band www.purevolume.com/parabellumCT Become a fan if you like them! May 08
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    Hey :) May 07
  • sherwin said:
    eh?? May 07
  • kaden said:
    heya... May 07

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  • General: Altercation of Desperation, By Hannah Grace

    Nothing matters anymore Terrified, behind my door I lay in wait for my bitter end With my demons shall I descend Into the darkness, away from light A losing batt…

    May 14, 2011

  • General: Well.

    I'm thinking about drugging my parents every night to ensure that they sleep all the way through it. That way, I can sneak out no problem. Not that I really need to.…

    May 07, 2011

  • General: Oh, LMAO.

    I just became my own friend! I don't think that I could do that anywhere else. Perhaps that makes me that much more forever alone.

    May 07, 2011

  • General: Damn.

    Bored as hell. There's nothing to do at home, I need to get out! Like, ASAP.

    May 07, 2011



hi im hannah and you're not and obviously we're going to be friends

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