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  • likeelliot - fanclub said:
    hey, we are three guys (rol,vali&tim) from austria! our common passion is music!!! the best way to get to know us better, is to hear our musik on Jan 13
  • Juggalette LOVES Juggalo said:
    what ev u never loved me and u never will :( what the hell ru 2 lauhting at? Jan 10
  • alexs2br said:
    Happy new year for you!!! :) Dec 31
  • ashleen_thinks_aj&sonni_are_supaflyXxX said:
    What Movie....is he on OMG half too see it... i think im falling for ben shhhhhh!!! seriously hahah and now i have a big bruse on my arm from running into the stall!! R u kyle and ben comming over if so what time should i be expecting u all.... and if u want u can come after school straight too my house or w.e cause we all def need too hangout 4sho!! Dec 20
  • ashleen_thinks_aj&sonni_are_supaflyXxX said:
    Yea Doll!! u comming today? everyone can stay till 9 Dec 19
  • allmyfriends said:
    :) to you too :P Dec 17
  • sixstringer688 said:
    my weekend was relaxing for a change, i think i needed that. you? Dec 16
  • Juggalette LOVES Juggalo said:
    waz up? hi Dec 14
  • TiFF@NY_TR@G3DY said:
    hahah thats funny.. did he cry like a little girly? hahah ya my ear hurts ha o well.. i used a saftey pin. it was fun to do at lke 11:30 at night Dec 10
  • TiFF@NY_TR@G3DY said:
    ha ha ha i am not a homo or a chicken nugget hahahah how was the weekend. I pierced some stuff myself ha Dec 10


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  • General: Aaron Gillespie. <3

    has the most amazing voice. period. and if he wasnt married, id totally kidnapp him and force him to be mine.

    Nov 08, 2007



"Love is blind, and lovers cannot see." I always look sad; I can be as outgoing as outgoing gets, just walk up and start talking to me, I want to be your friend. (: My friends know who they are, and they know what they mean to me. I have nothing to prove to anybody. Jeffrey is majestic, and lovely. He has a big heart and a small head, so shut up. Elliot makes me smile. 9087896 times more than you

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