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  • General: skateboard trick list

    ollie, ollie north, ollie south, 180, b/s 180, half cab, full cab, shoveit, front shove ,360 shove ,kickflip ,double kickflip ,kickflip sexchange ,heelflip ,varial kick…

    Apr 23, 2009



I love skateboarding,God,and hardcore music.Call me a freak but I love God. Its simple im a Jesus freak. top 5 favorite artist 1 fit fora king 2 harp and lyre 3 demon hunter 4 burden of a day 5 bullet for a pretty boy[just cause i know most of the people in the band] if you want to see me skating go to you tube and look up impactsk8team1 and its the vids at the top im on 2 skate teams impact and wild grinders ive got 2 boards both impact support boards main board deck - lutzka bomb drop impact trucks - thunder lights [black] wheels - birdhouse bearings - bones reds back up in case other one snaps deck - haslam impact trucks - old thunders wheels - spitfire [would hav them on my other board but their in terrible shape] bearings - broken bones reds

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