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I'm Allie Valentine Hubbard I'm Texan"A wise girl kisses but doesnt love, listens but doesnt believe, and leaves before she is left." -Marilyn Monroe I love life. age: 15. birthday: November 8 height: 4"11. weight: 95 lbs. hair color: brown eyes: green Nationality: Cuban/ White. I'm 15 years old. I'm only 4"11 and less than 95 lb but I can kick your ass don't let my size fool you. I've been threw alot of shit threw the past couple of years I've been to rehab I've been put on lock down for almost year because I could'nt make the right choice in saying no to drugs I was younger and dumb as shit but i learned getting fucked up isn't worth loosing your life over. I'm trying to become completely drug free. I don't do relationships anymore I mean what your together for a couple months maybe a year and you break up yeah I think people who are together at such a young age are dumb because what do they really think there going to be the 1% of kids who stay together threw high school? Shit happens people grow apart thats just how it works. I go to Arlington High that school is a joke. I hate alot of people I can't help it though I'm one of those people were if I don't like you, you'll know I'm really big on first impressions. I'm really weird and not ganna lie and I'm fucking hilarious at times. I like to laugh alot. You can criticize me all you want its not going to make me feel bad about myself I love myself I'm pretty cocky not ganna lie. I joke around alot ill make fun of you in some way at some point in time but I'm just fucking with you so stop getting so offended with every little thing i say to you its a joke take it laugh about it. I hate when bitches start shit on the internet I'm mean seriously....you live in California? and your talking your shit...does that seriously make you feel tough? haha you just look like a sorry bitch who is insecure about them self. I rather throw down then stand there and bitch back and forth. I don't deal with drama seriously...I could care less with who cheated on who and who said what about you...its not like its going to matter in a couple years so just get over it. I'm not easy so if your planning on getting in my pants anytime soon think again. I have morals. And fuck stop asking for nude you creep. I'm better than that. So fuck off. "I am in the driver's seat of my destiny, not just a passenger." ALLIE ATTACKKK allie valentinee www.myspace.com/129300575 ADD|MESSAGE By the way I know a lot of people on purevolume are fakes so if you want proof that I'm real add my myspace I have a lot of proof that my myspace is real so add it. www.myspace.com/allieattackkk I'll make some proof for my purevolume sometime soon.

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