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David Goldman/AP Photo

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Lewis stopped offering parts with regards to 6 years ago, soon after realizing he could sustain the enterprise enterprise more as getting a museum, charging $15 for guests just looking, and $25 for photographers. Most rights reserved. Lewis grew your collection, which inside fact had just 40 cars in the '70s, over time.

"The only factor I actually knew was cars as well as trucks," Lewis says. This kind of material http://thechumslick.com might certainly not be published, broadcast, rewritten as well as redistributed.


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It's history. (AP) -- Nestled inside a north Georgia forest, more than 4,000 classic cars decorate 32 acres that will have been turned in in order to a junkyard museum. I do not really know what I would do if I couldn't stand up each as well as every morning as well as take a glance at previous cars.

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WHITE, Ga. Someday they will be valuable."

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. on occasion, Eddie McDaniel, that moves simply by "Fast Eddie," a childhood buddy regarding Lewis, plays blues piano next to some shotgun along together with a bear attached to a wall.

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David Goldman/AP Photo

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"It's history. Owner Walter Dean Lewis' mothers along with fathers started the enterprise enterprise throughout 1931 as an over-all retailer in which additionally offered auto parts. "I do not necessarily know what I would do if I couldn't get up every morning as well as look at old cars."

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Associated Press photographers as well as photo editors about Twitter: http://apne.ws/15Oo6jo

Copyright the Related Press. one involving Lewis' much more popular vehicles is a 1946 Ford truck utilized in "Murder inside Coweta County," a 1983 film starring Johnny cash as well as Andy Griffith.

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Visitors tend to be greeted by simply a variety of artworks and also hand-painted messages. I saved all of them when other people were crushing them," Lewis says. "I like to say I work regarding tomorrow, usually considering the actual future. I saved these when various other individuals were crushing them. He estimates that 95 % of the folks whom occur by means of the particular 6 miles regarding trails are generally photographers.

In the actual 30 as well as 40 a long time that many with the cars have got in absolutely no way moved, trees now grow by means of these people and, in some cases, even lift all of them off the ground

Posted Aug 02, 2015 at 8:27pm



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