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Città del Vaticano, Vatican

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Its Like Love

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  • lalalalalalalalalala said:
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  • A FEW MEMORIES said:
    Hello! wanna hear some alternative songs? visit our purvolume site and let us know what you think, also you can download our first album for free! thnx www.purevolume.com/afewmemories Jan 26
  • ^_^CaTcHaOs^_^ said:
    hey May 21
  • xLovexIsxMyxWeaponx said:
    Hii there =] I'm Destiny but just call me Dess. how are you? ^ . ^ May 20
  • said:
    hey cutie its been a while how u been? Feb 08
  • Gina Sinclair said:
    Hello beautiful Long long time no speak haha x might remember me ? wb soon Gina Feb 03
  • errornotvalid said:
    hey sorry I hardly come on here anymore. But yeah I remember you =] How are you? Jan 25
  • .. alexis said:
    whatt!? Jan 24
  • .. alexis said:
    whatt!? Jan 24
  • Harper said:
    awh thanks dollll! Jan 24


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    Theres no-one in the world like Emily. Emily-From First To Last I'm thinking of what Sarah said; that love is watching someone die. What Sarah Said-Death Cab For Cuti…

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  • General: Waving in the Water

    Watch my life Slide down the drainpipe As i wait to see you fall. I'm waving in the water baby I'm getting pushed under, Pushed under so hard. Watch me slide Int…

    Mar 31, 2008



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