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Ipe decking has been thoroughly tested by science. The results are clear, ipe decking is the most dependable and durable natural decking that you can buy. Ipe wood far outperforms most composite decking and pressure treated decking.
Once the deck design has been planned lay the 2x4 boards out on the concrete slab on 16 inch centers. Include the perimeter boards. It is wise to lay out the sleepers perpendicularly to the house wall which will allow water to drain away from the home. Use harned nails (sometimes called cut nails) or masonry nails to fasten the sleepers to the concrete. Standard common nails should not be used because they will bend rather penetrate the concrete.
So we move to the somewhat swanky suburban area, and damned if one of my new neighbors, in a fancy stucco house with about 1000 figurines out front, isn't burning trash, supposedly incognito, in his backyard. What the hell? The acrid smoke drifts up from behind the place and goes right into my kid's bedroom window. I feel like going over there and strangling him; that's what he's doing to me.
You should be able to have great laughs, good cries and wonderful experiences with a true friend but don't expect every day to be a great day. Friendships go through ups and downs like almost every other relationship. It's all so worth it and you can count yourself a blessed person indeed if you have a true friend that will be with you through the thick and thin times of life.
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But that wasn't the worst of it. The weather turned too wet to finish work so I stored the giant manta in my closet. That winter a deep, prolonged freeze had me pouring salt on a couple places where the ice wouldn't melt. The next morning I discovered the cement had bubbled up like Vesuvius erupting. I wish I'd received the warning not to ever use salt. Three cups of salt did $6000 worth of damage and still spreading. We have to completely redo half of our cement, which includes the manta impression! At least I can do it better next time. Well, that's another hub….the bad.the ugly!
Just because the bamboo decking from Deck-Max is specifically situated as a product to be used outside does not mean that is all it is good for. It also works well for indoor projects. Remember, earlier we talked about spillage on traditional strand woven bamboo? While it still needs cleaned, the risk of damage from a spill on the bamboo decking by Deck-Max is greatly reduced. The sharp, natural colouring makes for an excellent product for indoor design and renovation as well.

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