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Portland, ME

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Shadow Friend

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Munich, Germany

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The Killers Pro

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Las Vegas, NV

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The Kooks Pro

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Brighton, United Kingdom

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  • emve said:
    sporks fuck y3ah! Oct 18
  • Swamp of Blood said:
    hi:) I recommend this pop punk rock band called "SeXToRm" http://www.purevolume.com/sextorm :) add SeXToRm..ok?! bye and keep rockkk Dec 15
  • benn franklin said:
    heyy whats up? heard my band yet? :] Jan 06
  • DannyWoundsXD said:
    Hey there, I know a bunch of people/bands probably ask you this, but my band has 3 of our demo songs up for free download on our purevolume. It would be really cool if you could check us out. If you like it, then you can download it. If you don't, then thanks for listening anyways. (: Hope you have an awesome day! Oh! here is the linkk www.purevolume.com/dressyourwounds Dec 22
  • James said:
    Hey Ashlin I just put up some new music i thought you might like. check me out if you get a chance. thanks! http://www.purevolume.com/JamesMason15415 Dec 18
  • Seanowhat said:
    Hey! If you're a fan of Rookie of the Year, Dashboard Confessional, or Secondhand Serenade, I think you'll enjoy me and my brand new record I just released! I would love to share my music with you! Please check out www.purevolume.com/livingmylastday and let me know what ya think! Let's become friends, not just numbers on the internet! Dec 12
  • brent said:
    hey! tnx 4 d friend request :] Nov 12
  • Nick said:
    Hello! Check out a new clothing line at www.iammdesigns.com. Enter code: Purevolume to get 10% your first purchase, but that offer is good for this weekend only! THANKS FOR SUPPORTING! :) Aug 05
  • Beautiful Dysphoria said:
    Hi there! We are Beautiful Dysphoria and we were hoping you'd check out our music sometime. All of our songs are FREE to download. If you click on the albums, there are 20 FREE downloads. It makes our day when people listen to our stuff :) Check it out at www.purevolume.com/beautiful_dysphoria Thanks very much!! Jun 12
  • Mike Smith said:
    www.purevolume.com/strangeseasons =] Jun 12


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hmmm....well my name is ashlin jlknjhgufygoerijhudfhygosdfhmsgua'rew___that, yes that bugs the shit outta me so dont try it. i hate when people *always* talk in emoticons...=],,like that or any varition (use your words please??) i hate stereotypiacal people along with stereotypes-lables go on soup cans not on my forehead if youre gona talk to me make it interesting i most of all can't stand fakes so be real please. Im sure thatwho you you really are is a better person anyhow. now for things i do like. i like rele cheesy romantic things guys do to try an geta girl :) its just adorable i love really loud music. Makes me happy. i love screaming at the top of your lungs wih someone else so sounds rele cool haha i love dancing in the rain and sporks that look like batman looks aren't very important to me..your personality is what makes me like you. Uhmm.. lets see...bugs give me heart attacks and i will scream if i see one lol. Sorry my pics are old, oh well..creepers shouldn't be looking ay me. I love making new and getting to know more people so hit me up:) ill talk to anyone as long as you're nice. if you dont like me i hope that you get stuck in a bucket [a small bucket not a big cool bucket] :D maybe someone will help you out. as for anything else message me or comment or..yeah.....whatever. Don't click here!

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