• said:
    Well I wasn't able to listen to your band but I really like your music. :) Feb 02
  • Cassandra said:
    haha fersurrre and i would say thee song distractions would be my favorite, thank you for thee free downloadd! :D Feb 02
  • CAЯLY said:
    hey sure! haha i like your acoustic stuff, especially the song distractions :) and as for hardcore, i'm still getting used to it haha purvolume definitely has gotten me into more bands but it's definitely an acquired taste haha Feb 02
  • Jen Stogs said:
    of course i'll be friends Feb 01
  • ohsosweetxkayla said:
    :) No prob! And nothing much. you? Jan 31
  • Brian Mayo said:
    omgsh! when i first heard devastator (like 4 days ago) i felt like i entered nirvana! lol jkjk one of the most intense songs ive ever heard. Its so simple too! which makes it epic! yea i get to see them next friday :D with we came as romans who are just as epic lol. So yea, im excited dude. Last concert i was at was bring me the horizon, august burns red, and emarosa...that was intense! Jan 30
  • Brian Mayo said:
    ha dude i was listening to asking alexandria earlier too :P they are ridiculous! havn't seen them in concert, however i will be seeing for today, and we came as romans! its gonna be epic! its in philly if anyone is close by :P Jan 30
  • αιιεε ♫ ♪ said:
    I do indeed very much :) Jan 30
  • 5@r@ said:
    :) Jan 30
  • kate heimann said:
    Awww, your lyrics are so sweet! Thanks for friending me so I can find you music!! :D Jan 30
  • ohsosweetxkayla said:
    I really like your music :) Jan 30
  • Starbug said:
    I like a lot of genres, so I'll listen to both. Jan 30
  • Ash said:
    wow! well i believe i would be too after that! haha :) we hardley ever get snow here :P Jan 30
  • Satria Wijaya Dipa said:
    good news, your own? okay friend Jan 30
  • Mr. Shizukesa said:
    I love Oceana! lol not a huge fan of the heavier stuff but i like some :P im actually more of an acoustic kinda guy :P Jan 29
  • Natalie Jane said:
    awesome vocals :) i really like your music! keep it up new friend Jan 29
  • julieeephoto said:
    sweeet:] now a fan Jan 29
  • SilvanaRox said:
    Hey, I'm goood thanks. I do like your music, it's really good, and yes let's be friends!! :D Jan 29
  • Danela Fuhrekkin Randolph(: said:
    Lol D'awww! thats soo cute!(: Jan 29
  • Ash said:
    well i thought they sounded great ;) and nothin much...just chillin around the house tonight :) you? Jan 29

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