• MuffinMonster(morgan lovez da muffinz) said:
    nice music:) Feb 16
  • Tha├»s Marchesini said:
    thanks for the add! good stuff you sent me :P Feb 15
  • xD jeraldine :x said:
    hey o.O hello Feb 14
  • metal martian // my music >> www.purevolume.com/daylighttremor said:
    hey cheers for the add! Feb 14
  • TrinityMMGD said:
    Hey sexy. Feb 13
  • said:
    i'm gonna listen to your playlist...[: Feb 13
  • brooke :) said:
    me too:) blink 182 has been one of my favorites since i was little:) and i play acoustic guitar :b i have an all time low bracelet xD Feb 12
  • KityRoarZ!!!!!!! said:
    hey^_^ Feb 09
  • Geoffy said:
    Hi stranger! I listened to your stuff and your band's music as well. I really liked Parabellum, I thought it had a really good sound and an awesome singer, but I'd like more electric guitar, make that a more dominant feature. You're a great guitarist and a good singer too, with songs that show promise. If you keep at it you're gonna create some really awesome songs! Feb 09
  • brooke :) said:
    Let's talk about awesome shtuff like music lol. My 3 favorite bands are all time low, breathe Carolina, and the ready set :) hbu? Feb 07
  • KityRoarZ!!!!!!! said:
    hii=) Feb 07
  • Steve Bowa said:
    Hey, I really enjoy your music actually so thanks for the add! you should check my page out as well when you get the chance and let me know what you think www.purevolume.com/stevebowa our style is pretty different but check it out nonetheless!:D Feb 06
  • L1S09 said:
    Thank u :) Feb 06
  • Linds[uh]rayray said:
    both your acoustic and screamo are awesome :) Feb 06
  • Dani said:
    Hey yeah i'd love to be friends :) and i'd love to have conversations with you Feb 04
  • ThatGirlAshleyJane said:
    www.thatgirlinterviews.com!! Feb 04
  • evanthelostboy said:
    I'd love to be friends. :) My acoustic music is at purevolume.com/winchelsea if you wanna listen. You're pretty good. :) Your music is bright, and I like it. R.I.P. Settle the Sky Feb 03
  • Adeliz said:
    oh ya, and itd be great if you check out my music on ur spare time! Purevolume.com/Adeliz. My music is acoustic, so i hope u like it! Feb 03
  • Adeliz said:
    hey great musiC! kinda reminds me of john mayor :) (idk how to spell his last name) haha Feb 03
  • Cahyo Qayimus Fadly said:
    ok :) Feb 03

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