Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows

Rock / Alternative


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Flamingo's go HA!

Psychedelic / Indie

Cherry Hill, NJ

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I, Artificial

Post Hardcore / Metal

Buffalo Grove, IL

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Jonny Craig Pro

Rock / Pop / Alternative

Lexington, KY

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Woe, Is Me

Industrial / Metalcore / R&B

Atlanta, GA

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Asking Alexandria Pro

Hardcore / Screamo

England, United Kingdom

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BROADWAY (official)


United States

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Wild Brother

Progressive / Soul

New York, NY

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Nighttime Tremor Strike Force

Screamo / Hardcore / Electronic

Frankfort, Illinois, IL

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Lil' Wayne

Rap / Hip Hop

United States

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A Midsky Surrender

Post Hardcore / Rock / Screamo

United States

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kid cudi

Rap / Hip Hop

United States



Hip Hop / Progressive

United States

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I, OMEGA (formerly The Syncope Threshold)

Metal / Punk / Progressive

Upland, CA

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Attack Attack! Pro

Christian / Electronic

United States

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Indie / Pop / Electronic

East York, ON

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Watchout! There's Ghosts

Experimental / Powerpop / Electronic

United States

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The Color Morale Pro

Rock / Progressive / Hardcore

Rockford, IL

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The Word Alive Pro

Rock / Metal / Progressive

Phoenix, AZ

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Animal Collective Pro

Experimental / Psychedelic

General Electric, NY

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  • General: *Input on a band name*

    For some time now the band I'm in has been wanting a name change but nothing has ever really stuck.  The other day I came up with the name: Rise & Shine Pretty much e…

    Nov 03, 2010

  • General: Check out my band!!

    Nighttime Tremor Strike Force, Straight outta the chicago burbs is a progressive hardcore band that plans to expand the genre to infinity through fast and technical rif…

    Jul 29, 2010



Hey I'm Zac I believe in a higher power and have belief in the spiritual world. I do the Kush up. I'm always down for a good time, whether its kicking back and relaxing with friends or getting wild as shit and partying it up. Music is huge in my life, I do the vocals in a band called Nighttime Tremor Strike Force If you're into any bands on my page you should check us out on here, twitter, facebook, or at myspace.com/ntsf we're all over! Like most everybody else on here i love music. But you can say i live off music. I always listen to it, in the shower, to and from class, when i do homework... and i honestly don't discriminate when it comes to genres... other than country because its a dying breed i think. Writing songs and lyrics is so essential to my life its a way i can express my thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a helpful way not only for myself but for anyone else seeking such help. Most people would describe me as genuine and heartfelt, I'm the person that wants to be friends with everyone and enemies with no one. I don't believe in labels they are created by society, and people worry about that shit too damn much, just be who you want and stop caring about who everyone else is, haven't you heard its what is on the inside that matters? Talk to me and get to know me if you'd like. It would make my day =)

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