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 A shoulder rig is a piece of equipment for video making which some people swear by. Using a shoulder rig with you DSLR shows that you want to make a video rather than shooting still images from your camera. It is a great alternative to tripod especially when you want to shoot a video on the move and do not want to stop for setup every now and then. A person who wants to excel in filmmaking should consider investing in one as it may come in extremely useful. While shaky videos have their own uniqueness, a well-shot video provides stability to the shooter.

In addition to its mobility, it allows the filmmaker to move along with his subject and capture every moment so that he can get the shots he desires. And what’s more is that the camera is more or less stable through it all. Too much of a shaky film can make the audience lose interest too and this is where the shoulder rig comes in. It makes the film look smoother and gives it a cleaner cut.

A shoulder rig makes the film more personal, makes it look controlled rather than a sloppily shot video. From making a documentary or a narrative, shoulder rigs are widely used by professionals to give it a touch that the people want to see.

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It’s not hard to understand why a shoulder rig is a coveted piece of equipment. It increases the efficiency of the photographer so that he can get more done in less time. A rig provides with many handles and holds so that you find the most comfortable position to hold your camera in and shoot your subject at ease.

Cameras are fragile pieces of equipment and can break or stop working at any time especially when you need them the most. Protection of your camera should be a major priority of yours. A camera rig provides that protection and should your camera fall, it’s still in one piece. Most rigs are made up of durable materials and are also dubbed as a roll cage for a camera.

Making a good film takes time, effort and most of all patience. A DSLR rig allows you to add features to your film which other equipment is incapable of. It transforms your camera from an everyday device used for frivolous photos to a professional filmmaking piece of technology. Some people already have an image of a certain film and will not settle for inferior quality. A camera rig will not only impress your clients and give them excellent quality work but also it adds that professional touch that everyone chases after.

Shoulder rigs allow for great shots and people watching the film can actually experience it which is so much better than paying for an Imax experience right? It adds that virtual reality factor to it and one can actually live the film along with the filmmaker. And that in itself is an experience worth paying and investing in a shoulder rig for. It provides the aesthetic touch which many filmmakers tend to get wrong.

Not only do you get a smoother video, but who wouldn’t want better quality images? That’s exactly where the shoulder rig steps in. it provides very high-resolution photos and produces images which are sharp and crisp. Another thing about shoulder rigs is that the filmmaker feels that he is in control of the camera and not the other way around. It allows for special effects and the filmmaker can choose what he wants to highlight as the subject.

Nobody wants to be stuck changing lenses to get the perfect shot because you never know when you will get it next. A shoulder rig allows for easy changing of different types of lenses. Whether it’s a far away shot or a close-up, the filmmaker has easy access to his lenses and can change them at will.

It may seem like the perfect piece of equipment, but like all technology, it does have its bad points too. This is not to say don’t invest in a shoulder rig because it will definitely do more good than harm. However, one of the main disadvantages is that you need to do a lot of research before you find the correct rig which is not so bad because if you want the best you have to invest in the best. Keeping up with fast moving objects is a slight disadvantage but again with a shoulder rig, it becomes much easier.

Like any other piece of technology, no camera is perfect. However, there are ways in which you can make it work as per your own needs. It’s important to learn how to use your camera and know all the features before investing in a shoulder rig because ultimately it is you who is operating it right.


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