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  • General: Angel

    Angel, angel, please don’t cry I’m that one sweet lullaby. Four little angels begin their journey. The bags make sure they’re sturdy. Let’s play a rhythm As we car…

    May 26, 2011

  • General: My Love, Please

    Please, let me be the one to quiet those desperate screams in your chest. Please, let be me there for when you’re ready to rest your aching head. Please, why won’t yo…

    May 25, 2011

  • General: Friends Bithday Poem!

    okay, today is my friend's fifteenth birthday party and I made her a poem, and I'm posting it up here so people can see, read, and comment, but do not take my poetry an…

    Jun 04, 2010



I’m not Snow White; I’m not Red Riding Hood. I’m Kelly, also known as Kelly Kill Skittles. Remember that. I’m currently 16, but the number always rises on December 12th. Take me to Wonderland. I’ll be your Alice and you can be the White Rabbit. I’m not afraid of danger. I’ll be your sweet disaster. Hello there my little Luv Bug’s, I’m afraid that there isn’t much too say in such a short space because I have a lot to say, but I’m sure none of you want to hear me babble about myself. I’d grow bored too if I were you haha. So you’re at my mercy, and I won’t try to fry your brain as much as I possibly could. I currently have a lot of people asking me if I’m single and looking. So I will grant you all the answer before even asking. I’m not single, but if I were, I sure the heck wouldn’t be here on PV looking. I prefer to be in person when searching. Now that that’s over let me tell a bit about myself. I’m very creative, but I’m afraid I’m not even close to some of the artistic people there is on here, but still, I’m proud of it. I’m a poet, I write stories, I’m into fashion, and some of my art is shown through my photo shoots. I’m not a pro model, I’m a site model. Modeling is not a career for me; it’s just one of my hobbies among the rest. I’m easy to talk to, granted I won’t open up like a book. I’m easily amused, sadly. I laugh at most things that people don’t even find funny. Oh well. I love cute little things, ranging from stuffed animals, to clothes, to accessories, to animals. I know you probably hear this a million times, and I’m sorry, but you’re gonna hear it again. Music is what keeps me happy, when I’m in a certain mood, I listen to a certain genre of music. You will most likely find me with one if not both head phones in almost every second of every day. I will probably love you like a child loves a kitten. I tend to accept people for who they are, and because of this, I have a lot of friends that I tend to mother. Not saying that I’m a mommy, because I’m not, but having 3 younger sisters, me being the eldest, you kind of pick up habits’, so I usually stand up for my friends more than one should. I promise you that I’m not a fake, nor am I some sort of creeper or stalker. I really don’t have the time in life to even possibly think of creeping on someone other than hoes who be trying to steal the guy that’s mine before I puma pounce on em. Haha. Well, that’s all I got for the short stuff. If you’re interested in knowing more, then don’t be shy, message me, friend me, comment me, all that Jazz, and ask your Q’s, it’s much appreciated. ♥ ~Kelly Loves You Most.

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