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Water damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your home as it will happen right under your nose without you realizing. It occurs when water intrudes in different areas and attacks material, for example; rusting of steel, rotting of wood, growth and many others. This damage could be slow as the water slowly works on a material or it could happen all at once like when it floods, which is most devastating and catastrophic.

A slow leak in a pipe that remains unseen will slowly damage the area around it until you get serious structural damage or a mold problem. A burst pipe or an overflowing toilet will also do considerable damage, and it is advised that you have it sorted as soon as you spot a leak. It does not depend on how fast the damage occurs, as it will leave you counting significant losses.

Clean water damage is that damage where the water is said to be clean. This water does not have many microbes living in it and does not cause much threat to humans. This is mostly water from a leaking pipe or tap, or an instance where rain water is leaking through the roof.  Clean water damage mostly involves malfunctions in water supply lines. Wherever this water is found, precautions should be taken to ensure that the leaking stops and the whole area cleaned and dried off to prevent the growth of mold and fungus.

Grey water damage is caused by water that is slightly contaminated. This could be water from dishwashers, toilet bowl or washing machines. Clean water can become grey water if it sits unattended for an extended period. Grey water mostly contains microbes that could be hazardous to human beings, and you should wear protective gear like rubber gloves to protect yourself from the dangerous elements in grey water.

Blackwater is unsanitary as it contains harmful bacteria, pesticide, chemicals, microbes and fungi that cause disease. It is mostly as a result of sewage damage. This type of damage is best left to qualified professionals, as it requires proper equipment and a level of training to handle it properly. You will be putting yourself at risk if you begin on restoration on your own.

Grey and black are not the exact colors you will see in the contaminated water as they are just terms used to indicate the level of contamination. It is best you allow professionals take this one. Be safe.

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