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Hello! I'm Travis. You can call me Travissaur. I am taken. And not just taken but in complete love with that special person who I call my fiancee. She has shown me the light in this darkness I call life. I love the way we cuddle and how we see the love in each others eyes. I know she is the one and only one. I could not imagine being with any one else. No one could or will ever take her spot in my heart. So I'll end this by saying, I LOVE YOU JACKIE!! 08.05.09!!. Oh to single guys and girls. SHE IS MIIIIIINE!! So back off or you will deal with me. You don't wanna deal with me. >:] Soo about me, I am 19. I have brown hair, currently dyed black. I have light brown eyes which I wish were icy blue. I have a gauged ear and snake bites. I used to play soccer but it got kinda lame. I try to play guitar and sing, but, as a defect of me, I can't do ether. I try to skateboard but I suck at that too. I love music, candy, having fun, and alot more things but I need to remember. My favorite bands are Bring Me The Horizon and The Word Alive. I love you with all my heart lovebug!

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