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    Honestly no one can write a song like Bob Dylan, I just don't understand how somebody can sit down and think like that and then express that through a song. Blowin' In…

    Jun 15, 2009



Had to get a new purevolume couldn't log into old the one for some reason. -Well i'm Tony a 20 year old college student at UW-Milwaukee, I'm majoring in economics and also play baseball there. -I'm also currently tapping into my music talent, and have been playing the drums and bang on the old piano as well, and have recently picked up a guitar -Well me and the roommates have gone our seperate ways but we still get together and write music from time to time. -My friends call me a hippie, because i'm real chill, and i love 60's and 70's music and that I basically am a hippie. -I joined here to really talk to people so bring on all the comments and messages you want, I love to talk about music. I enjoy meeting new people. My Top Ten Favorite Aritsts include: Bob Dylan Jimi Hendrix Experience Led Zeppelin The Beatles The Who The Doors The Band Cream The Velvet Underground The Rolling Stones PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! if you've never heard of Nick Drake please take a couple minutes of your time out of your life to here this man's music, it is music in it's most personal yet simple form "Art" http://www.purevolume.com/NickDrake60627

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