• Eric - facebook.com/yoursecondchance said:
    want 2 free albums? how can you deny that :) check out my band's discography and stay tuned for our upcoming album~~~www.facebook.com/yoursecondchance Nov 14
  • MaahMusic said:
    I loved their sound ... even your vibe parabens Brazil comes as a eai? Sep 25
  • Liz Sparks said:
    I guess you're here to find new music,BM has a new album released recently recorded in his bedroom, and mastered in San Francisco. music made ​​with the heart. www.purevolume.com/BJMO Sep 19
  • Skulsic said:
    Hey you should take a listen to this band The Summer Soundtrack http://www.purevolume.com/new/thesummersoundtrackband Aug 26
  • kelsielovesyouu (: said:
    hey :) Jul 23
  • BootsauceHayden said:
    Hey I'm Hayden! Could you per chance check out my band called "Oh Tear the Veil" and listen to our song "Hit the Ground"! Become a Fan and Like us on facebook!!! Love to talk to ya Apr 24
  • James Fraser said:
    Hey my name is James. I thought you might like my band called 'The Symptoms.' We're an Indie-Rock band from Lexington MA. Drawing influence from modern bands like The National, Wilco, Explosions in the Sky, MGMT, and Death Cab for Cutie, they utilize varying forms of instrumentation and production to sculpt a unique sound. Check us out at www.purevolume.com/thesymptomslexington or alternatively purchase it on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/the-symptoms/id431307071?ign-mpt=uo%3D4. Thanks! Apr 14
  • mike said:
    Hey whats up! my names Mike and i just started this new acoustic project called My Secret Summer! Its a sweet blend between pop punk and acoustic alternative, anyways it would be sick if you checked me out and let me know what you think :D http://facebook.com/MySecretSummer http://www.purevolume.com/mysecretsummer54064 Apr 02
  • ANEK (drummer) said:
    Please have a listen to my band, Anek: http://www.purevolume.com/anek Apr 02
  • Liz Sparks said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/bjmo "Music made with the heart and not with the hands" Mar 17
  • Chelsey Jones said:
    hiya:) Mar 10
  • Meg said:
    I'm Meg, the lead singer of Saving Haven. We're new to this whole Purevolume thing lol so if you could check us out, that'd be awesome :] http://www.purevolume.com/savinghaven We also need opinions on the screams in our demo that's currently up... our guitarist likes them but I feel they're out of place. Feb 26
  • psROCK said:
    Hey! Check out my band and if you like what you hear fan us! ;) http://www.purevolume.com/About18 Feb 25
  • Repeating Apologies said:
    hey cutie! :) Feb 21
  • .....ShAn.... said:
    nice pics u got there Feb 20
  • Jess :) said:
    You gotta listen to awkward last words. Brand new South African band. and become a fan. cos its awesome. DOWIT NOW! :) its for the greater good haha and I asked really nicely :) http://www.purevolume.com/AwkwardLastWords9256 Feb 18
  • Cody Clark said:
    could you check us out 91384 Feb 16
  • xD jeraldine :x said:
    ok -.- o.O Feb 14
  • GonzI said:
    OKAY, i'll give it a listen :3 Feb 13
  • Michael Palacios said:
    Sure thing lets take a listen! Feb 13

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