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Amely Pro

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Rush of Fools

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FM Static (New Song Posted Just For PV) Pro

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Marianas Trench Pro

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  • Swamp of Blood said:
    Hiiii ... if you enjoy Metal ... listen www.purevolume.com/swampofblood ... download the songs and add us ... \m/ METAL \m/ Mar 04
  • Mike Smith said:
    www.purevolume.com/strangeseasons =] Apr 19
  • jk lol said:
    Yes, sir. Jesus Christ is my Savior. :) Mar 14
  • Eric LIA said:
    Hi :) Just thought you would really enjoy the music my band, Lost In Atlantis, makes. Please give it a listen, and let us know what you think! Have a glorious day! haha http://www.purevolume.com/lostinatlantis -Eric LIA ps. I apologize for spamming your page lol Dec 30
  • Jessica said:
    :P Whoops! Yeah, we're down south from you all the way up there and nope, I think I might be one of the very FEW lucky ones that know about purevolume in my country. Lucky me. And yeah, lots and lots of tropical weather! Dec 14
  • Jessica said:
    Lol.. Yeah Guyana. Don't worry, it's not in Africa as many ppl think. It's just south of Brazil. :) Dec 14
  • Tyler said:
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hey hey!Support nd BECOME A FAN!!-- purevolume.com/Jcardon !!Become fans of new artists 2010 pass this artist on! purevolume.com/Jcardon Jan 01
  • Forgiven by the blood of Christ!! said:
    haha yeah I know, I have just lots to do! I feel like I gave myself too much to do this year with Algebra 2 and geometry. So what does your ridiculous professor do? lol. I have heard the college algebra was really hard...my best friend did it last year...he like hated it! oh man I hate dealing with politics too...I just end up fighting with someone about it. grrr. lol. Well the party was ok...my grandma was surprised to see me in my moms old dress...(I didn't really want to wear it but my mo said that it would make my grandma happy...so...I wore it....everyone but my mom and grandma liked my other outfit better. lol.) but yeah it was totally awesome!! and we got to stay at my Aunt's house and she is the best Aunt ever!! :D hehe Sep 14
  • Forgiven by the blood of Christ!! said:
    hey, yeah..I know. I have been so busy with school starting back up and lots of weekend trips to grandparents house... I'm supost to be leaving for a surprize B-day party for my grams :) how about you?? how's school goign for ya? Sep 11
  • Reagan said:
    Ahh, yes. I've been there many times(: Why Michigan? Good friends are good, yes(: Awesome! Where do you work? And what college? Aug 13


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  • General: I love desserts

    Today i baked a peanut butter/chocolate cheesecake, for my sister's birthday. I know that its random that i say this, but I just thought i should. I mean, if u can writ…

    Jul 25, 2009



Hey folks, I am Doctor Jokester, aka doctor J...i obviously love music...so i dont need to get into that...if ya wanna know what music i like, check out my fave bands...I love to meet new peoples, and if ya want to know more about me ( i would love to know more about you) just send me a message... I am shy at first, but once i get to know people, shyness quickly leaves...i love to make life awkward...i say the most random things...i am constantly breaking out in song...i wink and give awkward glances at people, just for kicks, so they will freak out...anyhooo... WHY SO SERIOUS?

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