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  • AKayWolfHaze said:
    HEY YOU! I'm back!! How've you been? Jul 28
  • monsterferlife. said:
    haha srry i forget wut i tell ppl :p so wut r u up to today? Jul 27
  • monsterferlife. said:
    kewl mines the 17th :p Jul 26
  • monsterferlife. said:
    o kewl kewl wut day?? Jul 26
  • monsterferlife. said:
    jw aha :] im 13 turning 14 in october :p Jul 25
  • monsterferlife. said:
    jus talkin 2 pplz n listenin 2 music n chillen aha how old r ya? Jul 25
  • monsterferlife. said:
    heyy wutz up? Jul 23
  • AKayWolfHaze said:
    wow, that's alot. well, i have to go now. hope i have as much fun as you did! take care and stay chill!~ Jul 20
  • AKayWolfHaze said:
    well, before i had to go to Ohio for a week cause of family over there. Ohio people are craZy! i went to this awesome theme park place, w/ the tallest rollar coaster, the fastest rollar coaster, and stuff like that. i went fishing, i chased geese, i saw a play, umm i went to a cookout, i watched some little kids, i met a couple really cool family i hadn't known, i caught fireflies, i wanered around, it was better than i thought it was goin to be. Your Turn! Jul 19
  • AKayWolfHaze said:
    hey, i've been real busy (traveling) and stuff. in fact i'm off to youth camp real soon. i want to talk, but i may not be able to til after next week. i wanna hear bout what you did! so hopefully we'll talk really soon! Jul 17


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    Apr 20, 2008

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    Hi! It's 10/31/1950 anyone who is reading this! If you are the date of this blog is long ago and I don't even exist and I dbout you do either. As I am only 14 and not…

    Dec 31, 1950



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