• Angie said:
    yeah idk i only get like that on special occasions xD haha! wow they'd disown you omgsh ^^ yeeah my parents are kinda leniant with that kinda stuff but only if its a party at the house and that happens. :o my family doesnt think that i'd be able to control myself :/ which is FALSE! x) .. yeah i'd never do drugs ;T thats a bit too much ._. ... yeah im still in high school ;p got left baack in elementry. and thats cool what are you studying to be? lmaoo wow! thats crazy ^-^ and yeaaah o_0 thats one hell of a first time exp. :o i would've prob made a joke like a dumb *bleep* idk i might've watched or ignored and kept drinking and dancing idk :3 but wow a love triangle :T hm well i guess i was sooorta involved in one ._. .. not cool. omgsh yeah the whole ending just made me love it the most xD awesome twist :D agreed. Mar 03
  • Blueberry said:
    Haha Anyways, wuts up? :) Mar 03
  • Sky ❤ said:
    Dang! is exams as stressful as hear it is? Mar 02
  • Angie said:
    yeah i've been drinking since i was 14 ;p i know its not good but i'd rather get drunk than doing drugs :o ... no fair! :L i want to go to clubs *-* like soo badly ahaha i would have so much fun ^-^ ... hm fine its mary kate :) lol never? well that's a good thing cause i over do it a bit too much :/ but ima happy drunk but when i have lil alcohol in my system im like >.> blah! haha (im not an alcoholic) oh gosh xD wow! im loving your friends ^^ haha my friend hiyas did that to me, he like mixed EVERYTHING together ._. it burned like hell omgoodness -_- never again. lmaoo uninvited meets chloe xD ughh! dude the uninvited ;L UGH i liked that movie alot, the ending was aweesome :T Mar 02
  • Blueberry said:
    Hey! I know you probably get a lot of spam and what not, but could you please help my friend's band out?? :D It would mean a lot to me and a lot to them if you did. They need you to vote for them so they can try to win a line up on 2011's Warped Tour. Just go to battleofthebands.com, sign up, click on While We're Up's page, and vote for them! Make sure to leave a comment on their page telling them that I asked you to vote (: Thanks so much for your time, have a great day! :D http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/whilewereup Mar 02
  • Blueberry said:
    Haha No I wouldn't xD If I told you the same, would you hold it against me? Mar 02
  • Brison X Cortez said:
    Heyyy there!!! My name is Brison X and I'm informing you that my NEW EP is streaming RIGHT NOW on purevolume. Will you give it a listen??? Pretty Please??? =] It'd mean the world to me!!! www.purevolume.com/melinamay Mar 01
  • IckyVicki™ said:
    awh yea it was like that at my high schoOl. i am in beauty schoOl nOw sO it dOesnt realli matter lOl Mar 01
  • Blueberry said:
    Hey :D Whats up? Mar 01
  • Angie said:
    hahaha oh ^-^ well that would've been something else if there was any xD .. awwwe :L school? bleh! hehe yeah i cant be left near alcohol ._. .. dude i wanna go clubbing already >:o this is an outrage 21? it should be 18 lol ^^ wait, would you have been the one flipping tables if you were drinking lmaooo omgsh! o30 ... what? mary kate? i thought it was ashley :p make up your mind woman ^-^ hehe its okay i forgive you :p and yusss! im so on that well ;/ maybee, im just against vanessa i'll try to block her voice and face out of the movie. she's a even worse actress than kristen stewart -_- smh* and oh! :o i just remembered i have a friend that sorta looks like him :3 mmm haha but he lives like 2 towns away from me :L he's hot but weird and quite >.< but hot! Mar 01
  • IckyVicki™ said:
    ooo wat happened during the afternoOn? just here gOnna dO my hair but its gOnna take like 8 yrs cuz i have a fuck lOad of hair Feb 28
  • Mikey James said:
    hey! - how's it going?? hope you're well! my name is mikey and i play in a band called "The Change". we are from Los Angeles, CA and new to purevolume. It'd mean the world if you'd check out our tunes. they're also available for free download! if ya dig, please fan up :) keep in touch!! -- mikey www.purevolume.com/thechangerocks Feb 28
  • IckyVicki™ said:
    heiii wats up?! Feb 27
  • Angie said:
    ._. i would've left the room stale facing like wth >.> ... but yeah i wouldve been so pist haha yeah it must've been. i wonder if there was alcohol involved hehe jk that sounds dramatic - ppl crying and laughing ;o and yeah im imagining it and its giving me a headache .. and yeah i think ashIey would do an awesome job in that film ughh im sorry i just dont like vannessa since HSM >.> .. lol smh i'd watch the movie if it were her ^^ Feb 26
  • psROCK said:
    Hey! Check out my band and if you like what you hear fan us! ;) http://www.purevolume.com/About18 Feb 24
  • Angie said:
    lmaoo xD i probably wouldve ^^ omgshh! :o i would've been so mad >:L .. well no cause theirs nothing bad i did to anyone of my .. frriends ._. lol :D open forum :s grudges? hm alot of ppl at my school would soo have alot of fun with that haha i cant imagine what everyone there was saying :T ... on point? omgsh if anyone had something blah! to say about me o_o lets just say they wont be talking afterwards lol jk ^^ im not a fighter even though i look like it? so i've been told :/ .. omgsh! you did? :( tell meee! im sorry im like a spoiler kinda sucks. i just know im not gunna see the movie till dvd. i saw no strings attached :3 ughhh! sexy and funny and awesome made a baby and named it that xD lmao .. ew! you heard about the movie "beastly"? >.> im not liking the trailer and vanessa hugdens being in the movie :/ Feb 23
  • Missie Cosmah said:
    Hey, I know you probably get a lot of spam and I’m sorry to join in on it but I would REALLY love it if you checked out the musician I manage, he’s indie acoustic pop. He goes by Between Love and Insanity, please check him out and tell me what you think! -Missie Feb 22
  • Angie said:
    hahahaha stabbing every last one of them xD awesome! omgsh :) well you're friends sound so lovely :p haha yeah i wish i could put up a finger to my friends but then they'll do scary things to me :L so i wouldnt go there :T .. lol jk! ^^ well they'd welcome you with open arms i bet ;p omgsh! but that'd be very scary o_0 i dont think anyone can be prepared to go there x( haha yeah my friends are .. i dont even know lmao but they're awesome :D yay! for friends ^^ .. and ive been dying to see that movie :o my buddy alex told me it was good and i wanted him to tell me about the movie >:L that butthead was like " dude! just go watch it for yourself" and i said something like no, im not going by myself and he just laughed at me >.> but i saw the one with jim carrey making fun of it lmao it was funny xD loved it hehe, yeah and season of the witch ._. Feb 19
  • Sky ❤ said:
    nothing much what about you Feb 19
  • Seanowhat said:
    Hey! Just thought you might enjoy my music! I'm not trying to spam your page, just spread some music and love! Hope all is well in your world! Keep in touch and let me know your thoughts! New music will be coming soon with a new cd by May!! Purevolume.com/livingmylastday Feb 19

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