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  • John ...Is A Dead Man! said:
    hey what's going on :D Mar 18


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Taylor / 16 / Straight edge. I'm not a woman. I'm a force of nature. ▲ ***************-Taylor -16 -Mexican -Unique -Your Feelings are What I Call Worthless. -Fact: You Will Like Me. ***************I'm Taylor Parks. I can go along with nicknames. I'm beautiful. I'm vain. I'm one of a kind. I'm single.. I'll examine your every move, and I'll take the last breath that you'll ever breathe from right inside your lungs. This humanity disgusts me, but the world itself is beautiful. Don't try to screw with my mind, because I'll take your words before they're spoken and twist them into your most agonizing nightmare. Don't lie to me, because I'll see straight through your crap, and I'll make that lie your final regret. Never judge me, because I'll make sure to turn into something you wish you would have never laid eyes upon. Never walk out on me, You'll only be hurting yourself, and you'll start to feel that helpless feeling, keeping your mind far from the threads of slumber, and you'll begin to rot into that frame you call a bed. If you ever hurt me, I'll make sure your feet never leave the surface of your grave. I demand respect, and if you fail to deliver, then I can only promise your life beyond that point will be lined with torment and misery. One thing you people in this world do not posses is intelligence. You over look the most beautiful things in life, clouding the most amazing things from your vision. I hope you live with your mistakes, and I hope they eat at your weakest points. My thoughts sleep. –Taylor- ***************There are things in life that make me wonder. Things that seem non-existent. My mind won't process what's real, which makes me believe I'm living a dream. A fairy tale, a fantasy. What happens when I snap back into reality? Emotional damage. Confusion. Depression. I instantly become despondent. A switch turns off, and I'm blinded, losing balance on this reality. I chose to live in a world unseen, untouched, unheard of. While you bastards will struggle, suffering agony in your fictitious mindset lives. For those who deny it, your false colors only shine brighter. Make wishful as you may, but don't lose grip on what's collapsing. Lighten your hold, and you'll be the first wanderer it rests upon. ***************

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