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A touch of sanity falls from grace she said these things take time and theyll fall into place Propose a toast to the dead with thoughts of obliviousity that still stain your hands blood red What have i got to show other than being struck with a lethal dose of cupids bow Just to make it clear and just so you know im a lonely soul sitting under teh streetlights of feel my pain lane and the clocktower just struck heart o clock before you had to go The broken pieces of yesterday lead us astray with a dim reflection of the damned that reaches out for an angelic hand Dimimnishing he lies as she jingles the rusty keys of hate that unlock this young mans door to fate with the flashbacks of never again its a sense of security that they procreate Admist the fire of burning lungs its shackled in your chest tonight like the withering rose thats faded from sight, I scream your name in hope that youll feel the same in reality i strike an orchastra weeping in the rain its the song of a song of a friend ive needed all along and as the thunder rolls the desolution is absolute Ill wait forever for the day hoping someone somewhere will take my breath away.

Posted Feb 03, 2009 at 10:40am

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  • Billi said:
    This is my favorite blog of yours; especially the last line. "I'll wait forever for the day, hoping someone somewhere will take my breath away". Again...your imagery is remarkable; captivating. Truly. You are incredibly talented. Mar 21

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Im Taylor... Im 17 years old My friend daniel is awesome talk to him 1-409-291-6353 and if you want my number just askkk. Its hard to keep a smile when everyone leaves you in the dark, and ive learned to exept that i'm constantly bettering myself, even though ill never be anything in your eyes I except that. I still will accomplish my dreams full of bliss, despite what you or anyone says, my heart is deeper than the ocean. lastly.. no one will ever understand www.myspace.com/poetic_criminal add me. Bands that make me happy... Reggie and the full Effect Daniel The Photographer The Distillers Parkway Drive Straylight Run The Devil Wears Prada A Day to Remember I want a girl.. That I can sit on rooftops with playing acoustic guitar and laugh for hours over nothing at all dance in the rain and watch the sunrise over a meadows clearing one I could talk about things that actually matter someone who could make me feel alive and with every breath long for thier embrace to keep me out of the cold. someone REAL. keep dreaming Taylor..

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