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((Palo)), Finland

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Amon Amarth(unoffical)

Death Metal / Metal / Other

Tumba, Sweden

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Hot Rod Circuit Pro

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Buffalo, NY

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Avril Lavigne

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myspace.com/surviving_the_storms Ask for the number (: Love is the new drug I'm Taline. It's pronounced Tall-lean And as a matter of fact I'm short. Like 4' 11''...and a half. Haha I support :] I'm not one out of a million. I'm one out of 6 billion. I'm probably too wise but too crazy for your mind to comprehend after getting to know me. I'm also very appreciative for everything that happens to me. The smiles, the laughs, the tears, and the pain. It teaches me something for I learn from everything as much as possible. I know what it's like to go through hard times. I'll admit it. Right now, a lot of people have a lot more then me but i'm spoiled as hell. And anybody with a roof over their head And food in their fridge is spoiled. I dont love my life all the time. But I smile that i'm living it. I'm brutally honest And i'm not going to lie to you to make you feel any better. But I will tell you the truth and be there for you. I'll give you a Even if I dont know you. I love you already. I'm a HUGE dork And I think comic books are sexy ^_^ I write a lot. Poetry,music, and books. Very poetic mind. I love who I am. Atleast in my opinion I am beautiful inside and out. If you think that makes me conceited. Infact I dont care what you think of me. You can think i'm stupid,retarded,ugly,fat,annoying, a liar,slut,or bitch. Better yet anything along those lines. I can be a bitch sometimes But i'm usually very sweet and loving. I only fight when I think it's worth the fight. I'm definitly a soft person then a hard one. I believe it's better. Why? Well if you think about it... Hard things break easier. Glass shatters Wood breaks. Cars crash And bones cracks But waters indestructable. Even if you light it on fire. It escapes into the air. But when it turns to ice it's suddenly breakable. But soft things bend and adapt. I'm 100% Armenian and proud of it.\ I dont believe in hell. I believe we're in it. I dont believe in the bible either. But I believe in God. I just dont think of him [or her] the way others do. So I don't exactly have a religion Or just dont know what it'd be called I've already bettered this world And I dont plan on stopping. My favorite bands are Underoath,Blessthefall, and the old Atreyu. But I also like plenty of others. I respect your opinion greatly But dont expect me not to rebell against it ^_^ There's a lot to learn about me. I'm interesting Ü =TalineTerror =TaliineNiccolee@hotmail.com

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